Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Resolutions

Okay so everyone else is doing them, so i thought id share mine with you. Each year i try to make a small resolution - something i know ill be able to keep, rather than being disheartened and feeling like a failure when i dont manage to keep my resolution to become a millionare or lose 3 stone by summer! Here are my resolutions, ive thought long and hard about them, and ive decided this is what i want to change this year...

1. Have a set skin routine which i will religiously follow - I must admit i do do a lot for my skin, in regards to face masks, cleansersm, toners, moisturisers, face washes etc etc, but i am forever buying new things, and mix matching between products, only keeping a few items as staples. Surely chopping and changing between products means that not only do i not see the benefits of products, i dont know whats improving/affecting my skin because i use so many things. I may even write a list of products which will be my staples if needs be, i know it sounds sad, but i want to get the most out of my products, and find out what works best for my skin so i can have a Beyonce-esque glow this year!

2. Make time for a bubble bath - Up until recently, i have been allergic to bubble bath, which means i cannot experience the pure bliss a nice soapy hot bath can bring, terrible i know! So this year, when i feel stressed or have had a hard day at work/uni, i am going to make time to light some candles, grab a good book, and have a good old soak in the tub. Please note this resolution is largely influenced by my new Calm One Calm All Soap and Glory bubble bath - i couldnt resist!

3. Look after my tresses - After years of dying it, growing it and cutting it, as of late ive been neglecting my hair. Although i do not regularly use heat on my hair (it's naturally very wavy/slightly curly so i dont usually straighten it) i feel i neglect it in terms of products which claim to enchance shine, eliminate frizz and generally work wonders for my hair. Due to the fact i am doing a degree in dance, my hair is mostly whipped up on the top of my head in what can only be described as a Miss Trunchball style 'do. Ive recently invested in a large number of hair products, and CANNOT wait to try them so i can post reviews and whatnot, and of course for my hair to reap the benefits!

4. Increase my makeup collection sensibly, and with a variation - Like anyone, i have certain brands which are my favourites, but this year i want to branch out and try literally anything within my budget (im a student who works in a pub so lets be realistic). I want to try things ive been reading reviews on for ages but havent yet purchased, because afterall this is what my blog is all about isnt it? Aside from my glossybox subscription, im going to set an amount of money for each month (and stick to it) in which to buy the products i am most yearning for - that way i wont splurge and buy things im never going to use, ill just buy the things i want the most. Plus it will be a fun challenge to try and buy the things i want whilst sticking to a budget - i do have an eye for bargains ;)

5. Have more followers - Yes i know its not about how many followers you have, and in a way this blog is partly for myself, to keep my occupied and simply because i enjoy it - but lets face it, its nice to know that what youre writing is being read by others isnt it? I currently have 3 followers, and although i have just started blogging, i feel pretty wimpy when i read other blogs and look at the followers. I think im just going to keep doing what im doing, and hope that other people will enjoy reading my blog as much as i enjoy writing it!

So there are my 5 resolutions, not particularly daring or crazy, but im much less likely to stick to something outrageous - its just not me ! I hope this has inspired some of you to think about your resolutions, and if so id love to read your comments telling me what they are! 

Happy new year !

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