Thursday, 29 December 2011

Soap And Glory Glow Job review

I could not have been more excited to try this product, as ive heard so many wonderful things about Soap and Glory (i actually cant believe im only just trying it now!) During the winter my skin dries out, and i feel this winter has been particularly harsh, so much so i am willing to try ANYTHING that will leave my skin feeling moisturised and baby-like! I didnt expect much from this product in the sense i wasnt expecting a miracle for my dry skin, i simply thought it would act as a good base for my makeup, and leave my skin a little brighter. Well.... i cannot praise this product ENOUGH! My skin is so much more noticably refreshed and moisturised, and i am pretty sure it must be this product as i have not changed anything else regarding skin routine (apart from swapping my foundation for this) and i am so impressed, this is going to be a staple in my everyday makeup bag from now on. The only downside to this product is that it doesnt provide great coverage blemish-wise, and i find i still have to use a good amount of concealer (whereas with a foundation i would have to use much less), however thats not what this product is about, so still  very satisfied!! This will be perfect for summer as it gives a really bronzed glow, and i must admit i was fascinated by the little beads which burst to release colour. Initially i was cautious as i was wondering how i would look if i didnt get an even spread of beads, but this is product is so easy to work with, and so much like a moisturiser it would be almost impossible to go wrong with. Overall, i could not recommend this product more, all i can say is this has caused Soap and Glory to be my new obsession, and result in a purchase of the Big Spleandor vanity case ... oops sorry bank !
(as you can see the macro on the camera i used aint working the best, but you get the idea!)

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