Monday, 19 December 2011

GlossyBox nail wipes review

Well, i wasnt the most excited to see these Deborah Lippman - The Stripper To Go nail wipes, as it's not really something thats on my wish list each month - more of a basic essentials type thing. However, after seeing how much they cost (£14 for 6 - i think) i thought it would be a nice treat to try out something i wouldnt pay full price for!
I loved the lavender smell, it was a very pleasant change to the usual burn your nostrils nail polish remover! I had a few small cuts on my fingers also which didnt sting like they usually would. Having said alllllll that, i was disappointed at the fact i could only remove polish from 8 fingers, despite the fact it was stated that one mitt would remove polish from all 10. I dont have particularly long nails, so there wasnt even a great deal to take off. No matter how much i rubbed and rubbed, i was eventually forced to admit defeat, and get out my trusty boots own brand nail polish remover, which did the trick in seconds.
Overall i was disappointed with this product, and would definitely not purchase the full sized version, especially when comparing the price and quality of the product, although it was nice to indulge in something a little more pricier !

Have you tried this product?  How did you feel about receiving this in your christmas glossy box?


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