Saturday, 10 December 2011

The perfect tree for me ....

They say you learn something new every day, and today mine is that finding the perfect christmas tree is a lot harder than i first thought! My boyfriend is determined we are having a real one, but he's in the navy and isn't actually home til just before christmas, so whats the point in having a real tree he won't be able to fully appreciate? Having said that, to keep him sweet we went shopping for the 'perfect' tree, and let me tell you we were unsuccessful ! There were just so many, and each tree looked totally different, and trying to fit some of them into our flat would be impossible! (not to mention the 5 flights of stairs and no lift.) I don't really know what I'm trying to get at this post, i just thought id share my frustrating of finding our tree, i mean whats wrong with a standard artificial one we can use every year? Or is a real tree more significant? 



  1. Hello :] me here again...

    I understand your fustration..in my opinion theres something so special of having a real christmas tree...from the smell which i love to how it looks so much better than a fake one... I also find it to be quite fun finding the right tree and thinking the tree's journey from a baby tree to now in your house,lol

    anyways my opionions and point of views are probably wierd but i tried :]


  2. heyy,
    yeah i totally understand where you're coming from !
    my boyfriend won't even be home til the 16th of december though, so is it worth getting a real tree for 2 weeks? He seems to think it is, and i think i may have to let him win on this one ! haha, when we have finally found the perfect tree ill be sure to let you know !