Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask With Pink Clay

To cut a long story short, i was having one of the worst breakouts I've ever had. Something was not agreeing with my skin (or a combination of things) and i was at my wits end until my best friend gave me this.

Good Points

*Quality - you know when you can just tell a product is luxurious and expensive? Well this is so good, it did just that

*The smell - as with other Clarins products this smells fresh, and not too overpowering which is perfect for something thats going to be sitting on your face a while

*It worked - this cleared up my blemishes really well and although it didn't get rid of them all (which i think after one application is a bit too much to expect) it got rid of the majority, and i noticed this the next day

*My skin felt SO soft afterwards - it was not at all drying and my mum even said my skin was like a baby's bum!

*It 'soaked' into my skin - you know sometimes when a face mask just sits on top of your skin? Well i could feel this getting right in there, and i didn't even need to moisturise the next day as the job was already done

*With this being in a tube, you get to decide how much you use - you can layer this depending on what sort of week your skin is having, which saves you money too

*I would recommend this for all skin types as its not drying, but didn't make me oily either, and didn't irritate my skin in the slightest

*It was super easy to wash off - always a bonus when it comes to face masks!

Not So Good Points

*The price - £20.50 for 50ml isn't good value for money. The only thing that would actually stop me from repurchasing this is the price, as i really don't consider it to be purse friendly.

*You need to use quite a lot to actually cover your face - which again makes this an expensive product

*There were very few instructions on the packaging of this product - nothing to tell you how much to use, how often to use etc.

Overall, i believe this to be a high quality, blemish fighting, skin brightening product which i feel privileged to have tried. It was a real treat for me to use this, and although i really DO recommend this product, i will only repurchase this if i have a generous amount of money to spare. Having said that, seen as its coming up to a rather important holiday, this may be going on my christmas list!


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