Thursday, 6 September 2012

FAB Body Moisturiser Review (Glossybox Product)

You can buy this here for £10.27

Well. This is a really hard review to write because i really can't think of that much to say. I was neither wowed or severely disappointed. Rather than write a paragraph which most people will just skip over i thought id set this out a little different and easier to skim over.

Good points:

*This particular size is perfect for travel or to put in your handbag (i sometimes use these as hand creams - they're for your body right?)

*I could wear this then perfume on the top, because this lotion has no scent so there wasn't a clash of smells that i sometimes find with other products

* The formula is really creamy and feels nice applied to the skin

*It soaks in really quickly which is good for people on the go

*Jennifer Aniston is said to use this brand - if its good enough for her!

*Considering its a travel sized product, it lasted me a good few weeks

Not so good points

* Price - although £10.27 isn't going to break the bank, there are other moisturisers which i absolutely love that cost a fraction of this price

*It didn't leave me moisturised for longer than a day

* It didn't moisturise my dry areas, so if you have dry skin i wouldnt recommend this

*The packaging means you theres product left in the bottle even when you can longer get any out - i hate waste!

*There was no scent - this is something i always notice first about a body product, and i have to say i was a little gutted there was no scent!

Overall this is an average product, but i won't be repurchasing this body moisturiser as i think there are far better moisturisers on the market which are a little more purse friendly!

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  1. I want to start getting a monthly box but all of them seem to be a bit disappointing in one way or another! I would want to be wowed, not stay neutral! xx

    1. i totally get what you mean! i stopped subscribing to GlossyBox around 6months ago and i missed it the first month i saw what everyone was getting, but now i realise it was the best decision ever, ironically the thing i have used the most was the boxes they actually came in - I've barely touched most of the products!