Sunday, 9 September 2012

Kylie Minogue Sweet Darling Perfume

You can find this here

Granted this is the empty bottle. But thats the perfect time for a review isn't it?

Good Points

* The scent - this is a sweet, girly scent which can be used for both day and night time

*The scent lasts really well - if I've worn this the day before, when I'm putting my clothes in the washer i can still smell it

*The packing is simple and sweet, and the bottle has a really lovely iridescent tone to it

*Its travel friendly, you can purchase this as small as 30ml, but even the 100ml i had is perfectly handbag/suitcase friendly

*Its economical - yes its not the cheapest, but considering I've had this for so long, I've got a lot of use out of it and its lasted me an age!

Not So Good Points

Its a little outdated - I've had this probably around 5 years, and when someone asks what you're wearing, and you reply 'kylie minogue' it doesn't get the same response as 'marc jacobs' or 'chanel' does it?

*Cost - considering this is a celebrity fragrance which has been released for a considerable number of years, its still £33.33 for 100ml. Yes there are perfumes far more expensive than this, but there are also perfumes for less. Luckily this was a gift, but if i were to be spending that sort of money on a fragrance, id rather pay that little bit more (or the same) and go designer.

Overall, i totally recommend this perfume, and i would possibly repurchase this in the future if it came down in price or was in some sort of offer. If you like sweet girly smells, you'll definitely like this, and its perfect to wear anytime, whether you're at work, going on a date, or a night out!


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