Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Product of the day = Clean and Clear Cleanser

these are my all time favourite skin care products - i swear by them!
ive not been using the blackhead clearer for as long and im not AS convinced of its benefits, however the deep cleansing lotion is AMAZING! It gets rid of and prevents blemishes! all you have to do is apply the products with a cotton pad.
i definitely recommend these products!            10/10
How do you review this product??

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Welcome !

Hii       :)
welcome to my blog, which will be a place to review products and discuss many girls' (and boys') passion - beauty!
this is my first blog - therefore it won't be perfect!
like many of you i love experimenting with make up and beauty products, and i am always open to trying something new - which of course i have opinions on!
i'll be honestly reviewing lots of products which i buy myself,
look out for more posts, and if you like what you get, please follow!
Lots of love,