Friday, 14 September 2012

Benefit Lemonaid Primer - Review

You can find this here

Good Points

*I LOVE This - This is one of my holy grail products and something i reach for all the time

*Like other Benefit products, it lasts forever. Ive had mine over a year and granted I've hit pan, but I'm nowhere near running out

*No matter what eyeshadow i apply over the top, no matter how expensive or cheap it is, it does not budge ALL day. Whenever i have a dance show, i use this and it stays on ALL night, not matter how much i sweat

*Its compact and has a mirror which means its perfect for travelling

*It makes eyelids sticky, so eyeshadow just sticks onto it and stays there

*The packaging is sturdy, with a sleek design

*It doesn't interfere with the colour of your eyeshadow - I've used primers in the past where its made the eyeshadow look lighter or darker. With this, your eyeshadow transfers exactly the same as it is in the palette.

Not So Good Points

*Cost - £16.50 is a ridiculous amount to spend on a primer in my eyes. But. I. Just. Cant. Help. It.

*Benefit claim you can use this alone to brighten up your eyes - Hell no. When applied eyelids look really pale and yellow, not a good look.

Overall, i can not recommend this product enough, I've already repurchased for when this runs out. Its the perfect base for any eyeshadow, and one of the many reasons why i love Benefit!



  1. I absolutely love this I use it all the time and it lasts ages.
    : ]

    1. its amazing isn't it, i couldn't live without it !