Friday, 9 November 2012

NOTD - Fearne Red

Sometimes you just have to see red. And when it comes to nail varnish, thats perfectly okay. I love a red polish, and this is one my favourites. It lasts around 4/5 days without chipping, and remains glossy. I really hate that when polishes go dull.
Whenever i watch an old fashioned film where the women wear hair in rollers and 40s style dresses, their red nails really inspire me, and i just can't resist!

This is an absolute bargain of £1.34, as for some reason all of Fearne Cottons makeup range is 75% off in Boots, so id grab this while you can!


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Clean and Clear Morning Energy Review

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Daily Facial Moisturiser

Good Points

* The price - 75ml has lasted my around 6 months, and the fact that i only need 1 or 2 pumps per use makes this really cost effective - and i love it when a little goes a long way!

*The smell - I can only describe this as something that wakes me up the right way on a morning. The papaya and lemon makes this really zesty, and its not one of them smells you get sick of

*The consistency - its thick yet thin. I know that doesn't make sense but basically it comes out quite thick (meaning you only need a little) however when its spread over the face it doesn't create a layer - it sinks into the skin nicely

*Its good for my dry skin - If you follow my blog you'll know I've been at my wits end with  my dry skin, and this is the first time in over a year my skin hasnt been dry. I haven't changed anything else so I'm assuming it must be this! 

*Brightens my skin - the 3rd picture down just about depicts the slight sheen this product has, which makes my skin look much more awake on a morning than i actually feel! Its perfect for this time of year when my skin is at its dullest

*It didn't break me out - I'm always anxious before trying a new product as i never quite know how my skin will react, but this was a dream! 

*Would repurchase - This is definitely one of my favourite face products for all the above reasons

Not So Good Points

*Its a pump bottle - i don't like the fact that ill get so far down this and ill no longer be able to get anymore out of it despite there being like a quarter left - i hate waste!

*If i was in a rush and just left this on my face would be shiny - obviously it depends what other products you use but i always find i need to use a light powder with this

Overall, id recommend this for someone with slightly dry skin, on a budget, and looking for something that will brighten up your skin at this dull time of year!

Id love to read your comments :)


Monday, 5 November 2012

MUA Love Hearts Sugar Lips Review

Good Points

*This is a good quality lip balm - it really did moisturise my lips which is definitely what i wanted in this weather!

*The colour - it is a tinted lip balm with a subtle shine, and the colour is a really natural and flattering pink. Ive been going for a much more natural makeup look recently, and this is the perfect lip colour for just that

*The price - lets face it, you can't get much for £2 these days, so this is a steal! Its worth much more than that in my eyes

*The packaging - its very much like the Sleek lip balms. The screw lid works really well, and this is really sturdy

*The design - i love the fact they have the Love Hearts design on them, they've really brightened up my handbag!

*It lasts well - i only have to apply this every couple of hours, which for a £2 lip balm i was very impressed with! Even as this wears off its not obvious, so even if you didn't want to reapply you won't be left with any dodgy lines or smudges

*I would definitely repurchase this product, and have actually already done so!

*The smell - this has a subtle sweet sugary smell, however once applied to the lips you can't really smell it, which i like because i sometimes find that annoying!

Not So Good Points

*Im not one for dipping my finger in a product, especially if I'm out and about

That was literally the only downside to this product i could think of, and i still love it!

I recommend this product if you like subtle, moisturising, purse friendly lip balms. Ive been using this all month, so much so it even made it into my september favourites 

I'd love to read your comments :)