Friday, 9 November 2012

NOTD - Fearne Red

Sometimes you just have to see red. And when it comes to nail varnish, thats perfectly okay. I love a red polish, and this is one my favourites. It lasts around 4/5 days without chipping, and remains glossy. I really hate that when polishes go dull.
Whenever i watch an old fashioned film where the women wear hair in rollers and 40s style dresses, their red nails really inspire me, and i just can't resist!

This is an absolute bargain of £1.34, as for some reason all of Fearne Cottons makeup range is 75% off in Boots, so id grab this while you can!


Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Clean and Clear Morning Energy Review

Clean & Clear Morning Energy Skin Brightening Daily Facial Moisturiser

Good Points

* The price - 75ml has lasted my around 6 months, and the fact that i only need 1 or 2 pumps per use makes this really cost effective - and i love it when a little goes a long way!

*The smell - I can only describe this as something that wakes me up the right way on a morning. The papaya and lemon makes this really zesty, and its not one of them smells you get sick of

*The consistency - its thick yet thin. I know that doesn't make sense but basically it comes out quite thick (meaning you only need a little) however when its spread over the face it doesn't create a layer - it sinks into the skin nicely

*Its good for my dry skin - If you follow my blog you'll know I've been at my wits end with  my dry skin, and this is the first time in over a year my skin hasnt been dry. I haven't changed anything else so I'm assuming it must be this! 

*Brightens my skin - the 3rd picture down just about depicts the slight sheen this product has, which makes my skin look much more awake on a morning than i actually feel! Its perfect for this time of year when my skin is at its dullest

*It didn't break me out - I'm always anxious before trying a new product as i never quite know how my skin will react, but this was a dream! 

*Would repurchase - This is definitely one of my favourite face products for all the above reasons

Not So Good Points

*Its a pump bottle - i don't like the fact that ill get so far down this and ill no longer be able to get anymore out of it despite there being like a quarter left - i hate waste!

*If i was in a rush and just left this on my face would be shiny - obviously it depends what other products you use but i always find i need to use a light powder with this

Overall, id recommend this for someone with slightly dry skin, on a budget, and looking for something that will brighten up your skin at this dull time of year!

Id love to read your comments :)


Monday, 5 November 2012

MUA Love Hearts Sugar Lips Review

Good Points

*This is a good quality lip balm - it really did moisturise my lips which is definitely what i wanted in this weather!

*The colour - it is a tinted lip balm with a subtle shine, and the colour is a really natural and flattering pink. Ive been going for a much more natural makeup look recently, and this is the perfect lip colour for just that

*The price - lets face it, you can't get much for £2 these days, so this is a steal! Its worth much more than that in my eyes

*The packaging - its very much like the Sleek lip balms. The screw lid works really well, and this is really sturdy

*The design - i love the fact they have the Love Hearts design on them, they've really brightened up my handbag!

*It lasts well - i only have to apply this every couple of hours, which for a £2 lip balm i was very impressed with! Even as this wears off its not obvious, so even if you didn't want to reapply you won't be left with any dodgy lines or smudges

*I would definitely repurchase this product, and have actually already done so!

*The smell - this has a subtle sweet sugary smell, however once applied to the lips you can't really smell it, which i like because i sometimes find that annoying!

Not So Good Points

*Im not one for dipping my finger in a product, especially if I'm out and about

That was literally the only downside to this product i could think of, and i still love it!

I recommend this product if you like subtle, moisturising, purse friendly lip balms. Ive been using this all month, so much so it even made it into my september favourites 

I'd love to read your comments :)


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

NYX Make-up Artist Kit

This is the most excited I've been about something in a while! Im a bit fan of NYX, and when i found this set in TK Maxx i couldn't believe my luck! Even more so when i realised it was only £14.99 (rep £29.99) and i was a very happy lady when my boyfriend surprised me and bought it for me. Its very weighty, so probably not great for travel, but its got so many things in it, you don't really need much more. 

Some of the shadows i know i will rarely use, but the beauty of being a dancer means at some point or another ill use all of these colours, over the years!

The mirror is brilliant, not one of them rubbish mirrors you sometimes get in sets, and everything is so pigmented, i can't wait to play around with this and create some FOTD's!


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Follow Your Dreams...

This has been hung on my wall for quite some time now. When i saw it in Next, it struck a cord and i just knew i had to have it. Its something we hear quite regularly in inspirational adverts and such like, but how many of us actually do this? And besides its not actually that simple is it?

When i was 14 i went to my first ever dance class after bugging my parents about wanting to join. I quickly fell in love with it all and eventually realised this was my dream. Had it not been for that very first dance show where i wore my tinsel wig and velvet catsuit (this was many years ago!) i would never have realised how much of a buzz it is to perform.

All our lives we are encouraged to 'reach for the stars', 'be the best' and of course..'follow your dreams', but how many times have you felt like a failure because you didn't get that grade, or failed your driving test, or didn't get the results you wanted - you see where I'm going with this!

We are raised in a society where if you're not a record breaker or a massively high achiever, you can often be put on the back burner. Whether its to go university, learn to drive, have a successful career on relationship, we are all designed with these goals implanted in our minds, but i urge you to look a little smaller.

Just because you didn't get that A, or you quit your job, or quit anything for that matter, it doesn't mean you're not following your dreams (no matter what people say), you're simply altering your dreams to fit your lifestyle. I mean, how many people actually know what they want to do after uni, or stay in the same career all their life?

What i basically want to say is, yes of course follow your dreams and do what makes you happy, but while youre doing that its easy to get caught up and focus on little else. So next time you have a minute, text an old friend, or buy your mum some flowers, or go on that autumn walk you keep dreaming about! Your dreams will still be waiting for you.

'Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.'

'Follow your dreams. Just make sure you have fun too.'

What are your dreams? Are they still the same or have they changed over time? xxxx

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

NOTD - Bourjois - The Most AMAZING Ever

Available from Boots and Superdrug

This is the most amazing nail polish i have EVER tried. 
I first used this one my birthday, and from now one ill use it for special occasions as it truly did make me feel like a princess. At £6.99, this is more than id usually spend on a nail polish but its definitely worth it as this lasts for WEEKS!

Basically it contains silicon, which is all the rage in beauty salons at the minute because you get a shiny finish lasting for weeks, perfect for those on the go, which lets face it is most of us!

This is definitely my all time favourite nail polish (sorry OPI !), and i definitely like to feel like a disney princess on these dull autumn days!


Tuesday, 9 October 2012

September Favourites

Firstly, if you've read my last post you'll know i had no camera, however i just couldn't stand not being able to postpone my September Favourites any longer! Ive had to take these pictures using my phone, so understandably they're a bit hit and miss!

Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical £4.99 - here

Ive been having a bit of a greasy hair month throughout September - i need to find a new shampoo! This has been my saviour, and gives me that extra day between washes.

O.P.I Avojuice Skin Quenchers in Crisp Apple - here

My hands have definitely felt the wrath of the cold weather, and this is doing just the trick - so much so I've nearly used it all! :(

No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara in Black £11 - here

This is also nearly ran out, yet it continues to make my lashes long and thick - this will always be a winner in my eyes!

Christina Aguilera Eau de Parfum £16.90 -here

Ive actually used this up this month, thats how much i love it! It reminds me of being in New York, so this is a very nostalgic smell for me!

MUA Sugar Lips Lip Balm £2 - here

These are amazing, I've just wrote a review on these to expect that very soon! They've given my lips just what they need in this cold weather

Barry M Nail Paint in Rasberry £2.99 - here

I LOVE this - i will be wearing this all Autumn - its the perfect colour for this time of the year, and its really chip resistant, which is what we need when wearing dark nail colours! This is definitely my all time favourite product this month, and you'll probably see it next month too!

My other favourites include a MAC blusher brush (129SE - here) and a Barry M Shimmering Eye and Lip Crayon £4.59 (here) (these pictures wouldn't upload). Ive used both these products daily and find the quality amazing. 

Non-beauty Favourites

The Hills - I've just started watching these from the beginning - 'you know what you did', Whitney falling down the stairs, and THAT rumour - what more could i want?

Galaxy Ripples - enough said really, these are divine and i need to stop eating them!

I hope you enjoyed this months favourites, sorry again for the poopy photos - i just really cannot find my charger anywhere, I'm lost ! :(

See you next month !


Sunday, 7 October 2012

My Apologies

Hey! Basically this is just a post to explain my absence from blogger recently. 
I have lost my camera charger, meaning i have no way hosay of taking pictures, which is such a nightmare! I have a few scheduled posts in my drafts which will hopefully tide me over,but this is really starting to stress me out!
I am so bad with technology i don't even know what model my camera is so i have no idea how to buy a new one!

Ill post as soon as i can!


Wednesday, 3 October 2012

NOTD - Barry M Chocolate

Its autumn. The leaves are changing, the kettles being put on a lot more, and the onsies are being dug out. And that also means for me, that my nail polish changes!
I love autumn shades, you know those berry colours and golds and browns?

This for me, is one of my top autumn shades, and its always getting used around this time of the year. As always, i love Barry M, they always just seem to get it just right don't they?

I actually can't find this anywhere online, but let this be representative of all brown nail varnishes, as its that time of year again - yey!


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Clarins Pure and Radiant Mask With Pink Clay

To cut a long story short, i was having one of the worst breakouts I've ever had. Something was not agreeing with my skin (or a combination of things) and i was at my wits end until my best friend gave me this.

Good Points

*Quality - you know when you can just tell a product is luxurious and expensive? Well this is so good, it did just that

*The smell - as with other Clarins products this smells fresh, and not too overpowering which is perfect for something thats going to be sitting on your face a while

*It worked - this cleared up my blemishes really well and although it didn't get rid of them all (which i think after one application is a bit too much to expect) it got rid of the majority, and i noticed this the next day

*My skin felt SO soft afterwards - it was not at all drying and my mum even said my skin was like a baby's bum!

*It 'soaked' into my skin - you know sometimes when a face mask just sits on top of your skin? Well i could feel this getting right in there, and i didn't even need to moisturise the next day as the job was already done

*With this being in a tube, you get to decide how much you use - you can layer this depending on what sort of week your skin is having, which saves you money too

*I would recommend this for all skin types as its not drying, but didn't make me oily either, and didn't irritate my skin in the slightest

*It was super easy to wash off - always a bonus when it comes to face masks!

Not So Good Points

*The price - £20.50 for 50ml isn't good value for money. The only thing that would actually stop me from repurchasing this is the price, as i really don't consider it to be purse friendly.

*You need to use quite a lot to actually cover your face - which again makes this an expensive product

*There were very few instructions on the packaging of this product - nothing to tell you how much to use, how often to use etc.

Overall, i believe this to be a high quality, blemish fighting, skin brightening product which i feel privileged to have tried. It was a real treat for me to use this, and although i really DO recommend this product, i will only repurchase this if i have a generous amount of money to spare. Having said that, seen as its coming up to a rather important holiday, this may be going on my christmas list!


Friday, 14 September 2012

Benefit Lemonaid Primer - Review

You can find this here

Good Points

*I LOVE This - This is one of my holy grail products and something i reach for all the time

*Like other Benefit products, it lasts forever. Ive had mine over a year and granted I've hit pan, but I'm nowhere near running out

*No matter what eyeshadow i apply over the top, no matter how expensive or cheap it is, it does not budge ALL day. Whenever i have a dance show, i use this and it stays on ALL night, not matter how much i sweat

*Its compact and has a mirror which means its perfect for travelling

*It makes eyelids sticky, so eyeshadow just sticks onto it and stays there

*The packaging is sturdy, with a sleek design

*It doesn't interfere with the colour of your eyeshadow - I've used primers in the past where its made the eyeshadow look lighter or darker. With this, your eyeshadow transfers exactly the same as it is in the palette.

Not So Good Points

*Cost - £16.50 is a ridiculous amount to spend on a primer in my eyes. But. I. Just. Cant. Help. It.

*Benefit claim you can use this alone to brighten up your eyes - Hell no. When applied eyelids look really pale and yellow, not a good look.

Overall, i can not recommend this product enough, I've already repurchased for when this runs out. Its the perfect base for any eyeshadow, and one of the many reasons why i love Benefit!


Wednesday, 12 September 2012

No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara Review

£11 - here

This is a travel size which actually came with a free gift set, but after using it all i think I'm in a position to give it a review!

Good Points

*I like the packaging, the green stands out in my mascara tin, and unlike lots of other products, the design doesn't rub off

*The brush - i love a plastic brush, i feel like it gets right in there and separates my lashes

*This mascara makes lashes look really full whilst lengthening - definitely one for a night out!

* More often than not, no7 do that brill thing where you get the £5 voucher, which makes this much cheaper!

*I consider this to be a luxury mascara for me, from the price, the packaging, to what it does for my lashes

*Its realllyyyyy black - that might sound silly, but its almost blacker than black, hard to explain, but it really makes eyes stand out!

Not So Good Points

*I HATED this at first - there was far too much product on the brush and it just stuck my lashes together. (Luckily after a few applications this problem stopped completely)

*Cost - £11 is the absolute most i would spend on a mascara, and there are cheaper ones which i love just as much as this one

*Its messy - everytime i use this i have to use a cotton bud or a baby wipe to get rid of the excess mascara above and under my eye. Even when the mascara was practically dried up i had to do this

*It can sometimes clump - you know them days where you're just not having a good mascara day? Or when one eye goes better than the other? Well this mascara can make one eye clump, and the more you try to correct it, the more it clumps.

Overall, this is a really top notch mascara which id definitely recommend. If you're on a budget like me, this is what id call a 'treat mascara'. With cost being a major factor, ill only repurchase this with a £5 voucher, or in some sort of 3 for 2 offer. But that still counts as a repurchase, yey!


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

NOTD - Barry M Fuchsia

No matter how many time i paint my nails, and how many different colours i use, i always come back to 2 things.

Barry M



If you're a follower of my blog you know i love Barry M, and despite the fact i have over 100 nail polishes, Barry M is always the most used. There's just something about their colours, staying power and formula that spells out winner for me.

And seen as the weathers absolutely slowly deteriorating into autumn i thought id brighten up my day, by going for a typically girly wirly pink! 

So there we go :)


Sunday, 9 September 2012

Kylie Minogue Sweet Darling Perfume

You can find this here

Granted this is the empty bottle. But thats the perfect time for a review isn't it?

Good Points

* The scent - this is a sweet, girly scent which can be used for both day and night time

*The scent lasts really well - if I've worn this the day before, when I'm putting my clothes in the washer i can still smell it

*The packing is simple and sweet, and the bottle has a really lovely iridescent tone to it

*Its travel friendly, you can purchase this as small as 30ml, but even the 100ml i had is perfectly handbag/suitcase friendly

*Its economical - yes its not the cheapest, but considering I've had this for so long, I've got a lot of use out of it and its lasted me an age!

Not So Good Points

Its a little outdated - I've had this probably around 5 years, and when someone asks what you're wearing, and you reply 'kylie minogue' it doesn't get the same response as 'marc jacobs' or 'chanel' does it?

*Cost - considering this is a celebrity fragrance which has been released for a considerable number of years, its still £33.33 for 100ml. Yes there are perfumes far more expensive than this, but there are also perfumes for less. Luckily this was a gift, but if i were to be spending that sort of money on a fragrance, id rather pay that little bit more (or the same) and go designer.

Overall, i totally recommend this perfume, and i would possibly repurchase this in the future if it came down in price or was in some sort of offer. If you like sweet girly smells, you'll definitely like this, and its perfect to wear anytime, whether you're at work, going on a date, or a night out!


Thursday, 6 September 2012

FAB Body Moisturiser Review (Glossybox Product)

You can buy this here for £10.27

Well. This is a really hard review to write because i really can't think of that much to say. I was neither wowed or severely disappointed. Rather than write a paragraph which most people will just skip over i thought id set this out a little different and easier to skim over.

Good points:

*This particular size is perfect for travel or to put in your handbag (i sometimes use these as hand creams - they're for your body right?)

*I could wear this then perfume on the top, because this lotion has no scent so there wasn't a clash of smells that i sometimes find with other products

* The formula is really creamy and feels nice applied to the skin

*It soaks in really quickly which is good for people on the go

*Jennifer Aniston is said to use this brand - if its good enough for her!

*Considering its a travel sized product, it lasted me a good few weeks

Not so good points

* Price - although £10.27 isn't going to break the bank, there are other moisturisers which i absolutely love that cost a fraction of this price

*It didn't leave me moisturised for longer than a day

* It didn't moisturise my dry areas, so if you have dry skin i wouldnt recommend this

*The packaging means you theres product left in the bottle even when you can longer get any out - i hate waste!

*There was no scent - this is something i always notice first about a body product, and i have to say i was a little gutted there was no scent!

Overall this is an average product, but i won't be repurchasing this body moisturiser as i think there are far better moisturisers on the market which are a little more purse friendly!

See my FAB Face Cleanser Review here