Wednesday, 12 September 2012

No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara Review

£11 - here

This is a travel size which actually came with a free gift set, but after using it all i think I'm in a position to give it a review!

Good Points

*I like the packaging, the green stands out in my mascara tin, and unlike lots of other products, the design doesn't rub off

*The brush - i love a plastic brush, i feel like it gets right in there and separates my lashes

*This mascara makes lashes look really full whilst lengthening - definitely one for a night out!

* More often than not, no7 do that brill thing where you get the £5 voucher, which makes this much cheaper!

*I consider this to be a luxury mascara for me, from the price, the packaging, to what it does for my lashes

*Its realllyyyyy black - that might sound silly, but its almost blacker than black, hard to explain, but it really makes eyes stand out!

Not So Good Points

*I HATED this at first - there was far too much product on the brush and it just stuck my lashes together. (Luckily after a few applications this problem stopped completely)

*Cost - £11 is the absolute most i would spend on a mascara, and there are cheaper ones which i love just as much as this one

*Its messy - everytime i use this i have to use a cotton bud or a baby wipe to get rid of the excess mascara above and under my eye. Even when the mascara was practically dried up i had to do this

*It can sometimes clump - you know them days where you're just not having a good mascara day? Or when one eye goes better than the other? Well this mascara can make one eye clump, and the more you try to correct it, the more it clumps.

Overall, this is a really top notch mascara which id definitely recommend. If you're on a budget like me, this is what id call a 'treat mascara'. With cost being a major factor, ill only repurchase this with a £5 voucher, or in some sort of 3 for 2 offer. But that still counts as a repurchase, yey!


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