Sunday, 19 August 2012

Holiday Preparation #5 - Travel Makeup Bag

This is the 5th and final post in my holiday prep posts - i hope youve enjoyed them! Ideally i would have liked them much more spread out, but life got in the way of that as it tends to do!

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Miss Sporty Liquid Concealer With Vitamins E & C in Light - Superdrug
Garnier BB Cream in Light £7.49 - here
17 Hide and Chic Eye Brightening Conceraler in Light Rose £4.99 - here

Benefit High Beam £18.50 - here
Benefit That Gal Brightening Face Primer £21.50 - here
MUA Clear Mascara Shade 1 £1 - here

Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades in Blushalicious - Superdrug
NYC Colour Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in All Over Bronze Glow £3.99 - here

2True Effortless Eye Liner in No1 £1.99 - here
Avon Liquid Eyeliner in Blue

17 Perfect Definition Eyeliner in Onyx £2.89 - here
Rubie & Millie Eye Liner in Blue - Boots
Miss Sporty Eye Pencil in Solid £1.99 - here

Barry M Blusher Brush - here
Elf Professional Flawless Face Brush - here
2 random eyeshadow brushes
Kabuki Brush - ebay (obviously new)

Benefit Lemon Aid Eye Primer £16.50 - here
MUA Heaven and Earth Palette £4 - here

NYX Nude on Nude Palette £25 - here
(or £12.99 -TK Maxx)

Eyelash Curlers
Maybeline Great Lash (Waterproof)  in Very Black £4.99 - here 
No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara in Black £12.50 - here
MUA Mascara in Shade 3 £1 - here

Collection 2000 Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream in Fairy Cake 3 £2.99 - here
Loreal Colour Riche Serum in Freshly Candy - Superdrug
MAC Plusglass in Ample Pink £17 - here

Barry M Glossy Tube Shade 6 £3.99 - here
17 Ultimate Volume Lip Gloss in Butterfly Cake £3.99 - here
The Body Shop Honey Bronze Lip Nectar in Coral £9.50 - here 

Collection 2000 Lock N Hold Lipgloss in Break Dance £2.99 - here
Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Cherish £5.99 - here
Collection 2000 Lock N Hold Lipgloss in Body Pop £2.99 - here

And there we have it ! Youre probably thinking why am i taking so much, but i promise you it fits into a really small makeup bag, and im well within my baggage allowance so why not


Holiday Preparation #4 - Hand Luggage

I must say im impressed with myself this year, as ive really managed to concise my hand luggage, by basically only taking things i will need. Ive decided to use the bag ill be using on holiday, as it means im not packaging another bag in my suitcase. 
If you need a little help with what to pack, or youre nosey like me, i hope you find this useful


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Bag - Primark

Books, Magazines, Puzzles

Bag - Boots
I find it really useful to have a smaller bag to put all the smaller items in, as the last thing i want is to be rummaging around looking for something in an unorganised bag.

Travel Sick Tablets
Hand Sanitiser

Hand Cream

Lip Balm
Chewing Gum
Perfume Samples (travel sized)

17 Lipstick - Beehive
(had to have one beauty product didnt i)

Sunglasses case - Matalan
Sunglasses - Boots Opticians

Ill also be packing makeup wipes, which can be used as baby wipes, and sweets for the jorurney (boiled sweets for take off!)

Hope this helps!


Holiday Preparation #3 - Bodycare

Going on holiday means bikini. Bikini means exfoliating, moisturising, and generally taking a bit more care of yourself than usual. Granted, ill still look like a little red sausage on the beach, but i will be buffed and bronzed (and hiding behind a big hat).

Holiday prep part 1 - here
Holiday prep part 2 - here
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Holiday prep part 5 - here 

N Spa Coconut Ice Cream Shower and Bath Gel £3 - Asda

I originally started using this as part of my holiday preparation because the smell reminds me of Pina Colada - of which i will have many on holiday!
Its moisturising, soft on my skin, and i think it goes without saying i use this daily.

Soap and Glory Pulp Friction Foamy Fruity Body Scrub £8 - here

This is my most essential holiday prep product. I usually use this once a week, but for the past month or so ive been using this 2 or 3 times (ive been working a manual job in a warehouse so ive been getting pretty grubbing!). It gets rid of any dirt and dead skin, leaving my skin so smooth. The best exfoliator ive ever used!

Dove Firming Beauty Body Lotion £2.36 - here

I use this daily on my legs, arms and stomach. Im not entirely convinced of its firming qualities, but it smells nice (its smells fresh) and soaks into my skin really nicely, leaving me soft all day. 

The Beauty Parlour Anti Cellulite Gel - Superdrug

I use a grape sized amount of this daily on the backs of my thighs - it smells of peppermint, and feels really cool once applied. Ive been using this for the past couple of months and i have noticed an improvement, although it hasnt banished my cellulite completely *sigh*. It has made me feel more confident about braving a bikini though!

Soap and Glory Hand Food £5 - here

If you follow my blog youll know that in the run up to my holiday ive been working as a warehouse operative, which has played war with my hands. Basically my fingertips are so chapped, you cant even see my finger prints. But this has worked wonders - i just use a small amount throughout the day when i feel like it, and my hands are now pretty much back to normal. Thank goodness!

Foot File

Ive been using this every few days, or as needed - i suppose this isnt technically holiday preparation because i do this anyway. Im even taking this on holiday as i usually find i need to use this more as a result of walking round the pool in bare feet etc. 

Soap and Glory Heel Genius £5.50 - here

After using the foot file, i apply a small amount to each foot (it has to be a small amount unfortunately as im just about run out!). Again, this is part of my daily routine anyway, but its important as itll mean i have lovely smooth feet for holiday!

I hope youre enjoying my holiday prep series so far, i actually travel tomorrow, but i have quite a few more posts which will either all go up today, or ill schedule them to go up throughout the week!

holiday preparation #4 coming soon!


Saturday, 18 August 2012

Holiday Preparation #2 - Skin Care

These are products ive been using in my usual routine, but as with my haircare preparations (here) ive stepped it up to ensure my skin is the best it can possibly be for a week in the sun! 

Holiday prep part 1 - here
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Soap and Glory No Clogs Allowed Face Mask £11 - here

I usually use this once or twice a week, but in the run up to my holiday ive been using this every third day. The beauty of this is that you can use as much or as little as you want, depending on what sort of a week your skin is having (i usually use a grape sized amount which is what is recommended). It states you can either wash it off straight away or leave it for a few minutes - i actually leave this on until it dries, which could be 30-40mins to get the most out of it.

Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Wash £2.99 - here

 I simply apply a grape sized amount of this over my face and neck twice daily (be careful - it stings like a bitch if you get it in your eyes) and although i dont really feel like its 'deep action' (theres no exfoliant in it) it leaves my face feeling fresh and smelling minty - if you like that sort of thing.

Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing lotion £2.89 - here

This my holy grail product - i knew i was going to use no other cleanser in my holiday prep. After ive washed my face i apply a small amount to a cotton pad and smooth over my face and neck, paying particular attention to any blemishes.

Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturiser £3.39 - here

This is the perfect summer moisturiser - its light, cooling and sinks in straight away. I use this once or twice a day after cleansing.

Simple Kind To Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll-On £4 - here

Ive accumulated dark circles from working unsocial hours, so this is a life saver in the run up to holiday! I apply this twice a day after all the steps above, leaving my eyes feeling refreshed and cooled (lovely on these warm summer nights!)

Ive tried not to use too many skincare products as i dont believe in overloading, and luckily ive managed to find the right balance that works for me. 

Id love to hear about your skincare preparations/routines!

Holiday Preparation #3 coming soon!


Holiday Preparation #1 - Haircare

This is the first of many posts i have planned - theres lots of them floating around the blogging world at the minute, and i wanted to share my preparations with you, as i always find these interesting!

Holiday prep part 2 - here
Holiday prep part 3 - here
Holiday prep part 4 - here
Holiday prep part 5 - here

Ive kept my haircare prep pretty simple, as my hair isnt really damaged as such - i just wanted it to be extra healthy for holiday!

John Frieda Sheer Blonde £5.89 - here
(currently 2 for £5 in Morrisons)

My natural hair colour is ash blonde, and ive been trying to enhance that without dying my hair. I have been using this every time i wash my hair, leaving the conditioner on (and putting on a shower cap) until ive done everything else, then i wash this off last. It leaves my hair feeling much softer leaving the conditioner in for 10 minutes or so.

Samy Beyond Repair - Superdrug

This is amazing. I use this weekly anyway, but ive now stepped this up to twice a week, and my hair is definitely thanking me for it. My hair has never been so soft and shiny, and this was so cheap my purse likes it too!

Pantene Pro-V Restoratives Night Renewal Nourishing Mist - Superdrug

I simply spritz a small amount of this all over my hair, paying particular attention to the ends, im not entirely sure if its improved the condition of my hair but it certainly smells nice, and my hair isnt any worse!

Told you it wasnt very elaborate didnt i? I decided to focus less on my hair, and more on skin and body care as thats where i need to!
Stay tuned for skincare and bodycare!


Holiday preparation #2 - Skincare - here

Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Belated July Favourites

A bit of background
Feel free to skip ahead, but i feel like i should explain my absence from the beautiful world of blogging. Basically over the summer (im currently at uni but their summer holidays are from may to october - VERY long!) i managed to get myself a much needed full time job. Afterall, makeup doesnt grow on trees does it? So anyway, it was the most un-girliest job EVER, and meant i was getting up at 4:30am some days, and not getting in until 11pm some nights. This left little time for blogging, however i have now finished my time there, and will now be back to my usual daily posts - i have lots of things planned!

July Favourites

Maybeline Dream Satin Liquid in Ivory  £7.99 - here

I actually bought this some time ago (the packaging is now slightly different), and at the time it dried out my skin, however all this gorgeous weather has cleared up that problem, and this is now an absolute dream

NYC Colour Wheel Face Mosaic in Bronze Glow £3.99 - here

This month ive been trying to lessen my layers, so ive been using this as a powder AND bronzer, and it does the job perfectly!

17 Instant Glow Shimmer Brick £4.99 - here

This has been my all time favourite discovery this month. The camera really doesnt pick up the shimmmer in this, but ive been using the top shade as a highlighter. Its the perfect summer product

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner - shade unknown

I recieved this in my GlossyBox a fair few months ago, and started using it because i didnt want to waste it - but ive actually found i really like it! The only downside to this is the shape - it doesnt fit into my makeup bag, which can be really awkward for travelling. Other than that, i really like the way it brightens up my eyes, in a subtle, natural way.

Maybeline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Mascara £8.19 - here

This mascara is probably my all time favourite - its AMAZING. Its just about dried up now, but i will most definitely be repurchasing this. I get this from a random shop called Discount UK for £1.49 - a complete bargain! This mascara makes my eyelashes incredibly long with tons of volume, i really cant praise it enough!

Elf Professional Blush Brush £12 (part of a set) - here

I never really include brushes in my favourites, as i tend to overlook them, but theyre a vital tool arent they? I love the angle of this blush, its perfect for getting that 'sweep' across the cheek, and its a really good tool for highlighting too.

Soap and Glory Mighty Mouth Hydrating Lip Balm £8 - here

I wouldnt really class this as a lip balm, id say its more of a gloss. Its quite heavy, you might even go as far to say its sticky. The colour is really quite natural when applied, but then it seems to brighten, although its still pretty natural. Ive been wearing this as part of my summer makeup routine, and i wont be stopping anytime soon!

Primark Necklace - £1.50

This was a nifty little find, and i cant stop wearing it, it goes with everything, and ill continue to wear it til the cows come home. Or my neck goes green.

The Body Shop LOVE ETC... Eau De Parfum £14 - here

Ive had this since the beginning of the year, but ive mostly used it over the summer as its really sweet and fresh fragrance. Its also good for travelling as it comes in 30ml. It lasts all day, and i just cant get enough of this!

Lip Smacker in Coca Cola £1.50 - Primark

Ive been using this before i apply my makeup everyday just as a base and to hydrate my lips. It lasts much longer than that though, and ive since been applying it through the day (it looks similar to vaseline when applied) for a really natural lazy day look.

So there are my favourites for last month (July) and i know there arent that many typical summer products in there, its because thats coming in a different post ;).


Arent these the most hideous pair of shoes youve ever seen?

Looking at everyones monthly favourites, they tend to be items that people have used the most during that month right? Well ive worn these most days this month, so do they count? I had to wear 2 pairs of fluffy bed socks as they were so big, and i had to clomp around in a most unladylike fashion.
Luckily, i will never have to wear these again, and i cant wait to see the back of them, but i thought id give you a little chuckle :)