Thursday, 16 August 2012

A Belated July Favourites

A bit of background
Feel free to skip ahead, but i feel like i should explain my absence from the beautiful world of blogging. Basically over the summer (im currently at uni but their summer holidays are from may to october - VERY long!) i managed to get myself a much needed full time job. Afterall, makeup doesnt grow on trees does it? So anyway, it was the most un-girliest job EVER, and meant i was getting up at 4:30am some days, and not getting in until 11pm some nights. This left little time for blogging, however i have now finished my time there, and will now be back to my usual daily posts - i have lots of things planned!

July Favourites

Maybeline Dream Satin Liquid in Ivory  £7.99 - here

I actually bought this some time ago (the packaging is now slightly different), and at the time it dried out my skin, however all this gorgeous weather has cleared up that problem, and this is now an absolute dream

NYC Colour Wheel Face Mosaic in Bronze Glow £3.99 - here

This month ive been trying to lessen my layers, so ive been using this as a powder AND bronzer, and it does the job perfectly!

17 Instant Glow Shimmer Brick £4.99 - here

This has been my all time favourite discovery this month. The camera really doesnt pick up the shimmmer in this, but ive been using the top shade as a highlighter. Its the perfect summer product

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner - shade unknown

I recieved this in my GlossyBox a fair few months ago, and started using it because i didnt want to waste it - but ive actually found i really like it! The only downside to this is the shape - it doesnt fit into my makeup bag, which can be really awkward for travelling. Other than that, i really like the way it brightens up my eyes, in a subtle, natural way.

Maybeline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Mascara £8.19 - here

This mascara is probably my all time favourite - its AMAZING. Its just about dried up now, but i will most definitely be repurchasing this. I get this from a random shop called Discount UK for £1.49 - a complete bargain! This mascara makes my eyelashes incredibly long with tons of volume, i really cant praise it enough!

Elf Professional Blush Brush £12 (part of a set) - here

I never really include brushes in my favourites, as i tend to overlook them, but theyre a vital tool arent they? I love the angle of this blush, its perfect for getting that 'sweep' across the cheek, and its a really good tool for highlighting too.

Soap and Glory Mighty Mouth Hydrating Lip Balm £8 - here

I wouldnt really class this as a lip balm, id say its more of a gloss. Its quite heavy, you might even go as far to say its sticky. The colour is really quite natural when applied, but then it seems to brighten, although its still pretty natural. Ive been wearing this as part of my summer makeup routine, and i wont be stopping anytime soon!

Primark Necklace - £1.50

This was a nifty little find, and i cant stop wearing it, it goes with everything, and ill continue to wear it til the cows come home. Or my neck goes green.

The Body Shop LOVE ETC... Eau De Parfum £14 - here

Ive had this since the beginning of the year, but ive mostly used it over the summer as its really sweet and fresh fragrance. Its also good for travelling as it comes in 30ml. It lasts all day, and i just cant get enough of this!

Lip Smacker in Coca Cola £1.50 - Primark

Ive been using this before i apply my makeup everyday just as a base and to hydrate my lips. It lasts much longer than that though, and ive since been applying it through the day (it looks similar to vaseline when applied) for a really natural lazy day look.

So there are my favourites for last month (July) and i know there arent that many typical summer products in there, its because thats coming in a different post ;).


Arent these the most hideous pair of shoes youve ever seen?

Looking at everyones monthly favourites, they tend to be items that people have used the most during that month right? Well ive worn these most days this month, so do they count? I had to wear 2 pairs of fluffy bed socks as they were so big, and i had to clomp around in a most unladylike fashion.
Luckily, i will never have to wear these again, and i cant wait to see the back of them, but i thought id give you a little chuckle :)



  1. I love that necklace from primark, so sweet and nice :)
    And I always wondered if those lip balms were any good haha, may have to pick one up now :) x

    1. its gorgeous isnt it, really delicate! they have a big stand full of little necklaces like that, theyre in a white card packaging if youre on the look out :)
      the lip balms are really good, and obviously they smell and taste unreal!


  2. I use the dream satin foundation too!
    It's a goodie :)x

    1. it is isnt it, definitely a staple product in my makeup bag now, cant believe i havent been using it the whole time!