Friday, 28 February 2014

How I Style My Hair Straight (with video)

I used to often wonder how people got their hair looking so good, and i genuinely believe its all down to practice. I am by no means there myself yet, but heres my current routine for wearing my hair straight.

Products used

Charles Worthington Serum - I can't find the exact one I have but this is pretty similar - link here

Mark Hill Heat Protection Spray - here

Bedhead Queen for a Day Thickening Spray - here

If you would like individual reviews of anything I've used please comment and ill get STRAIGHT to it (see what I did there ;) )


Thursday, 27 February 2014

NOTD - Barry M Magnetic Purple

Magnetic nails were one of my favourite discoveries of 2012. They're so easy and so cheap, but they really don't look like that. Two years later, whenever i wear these, i still get compliments and its always a topic of conversation.
Since then, BarryM have brought out a whole host of colours, all winter shades i must admit but i still love them nonetheless! 
My only gripe is that for some reason the magnetic polishes have less staying power than the regular BarryM colours, but i truly feel its worth it just to have this look for a couple of days

Technique wise, these couldn't be easier to use and I've even been known to do these in the car on my way to a party before - they're THAT easy!

If you've followed my blog for some time you'll know that BarryM was one of the first even brands i got into, and i would regularly use my weekly pocket money to buy the brightest shade of polish i could find - 8 years later and not much has changed, I just now have a collection with enough nail polish to paint a country.

You can buy this for £4.99 here 


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

NYC 16H Lip Stain Forever Freesia Review

You can buy this here

My excitment to try this product was ridiculous. I literally ripped it out the packaging as soon as i handed over my Superdrug beauty card. I must say i think its more of a winter shade as its a slight dark pink, but seen as there are no rules with makeup theres no reason why this wouldnt look lovely in summer.

Good Points

* You can get clean line around your lips because of the felt tip style applicator, which means its near enough impossible to smudge this.

*The price - at £3.99 you can afford to get a number of shades, and compared to other high end brands who do lip stains this is a steal

*The colour - the colour is a lovely colour, and you can layer it up so you can have it a lot more subtle (i.e during the day) or apply more product to give a really bright lip (i.e night time)

Not So Good Points

*Its drying - by the end of the night i find i have to apply vaseline over the top to stop my lips from actually flaking. This does however make the colour look quite nice!

*It feels like youre putting felt tip on your lips. The texture, the smell, the taste. Everything. Its a little weird.

*You cant rub your lips together - this might sound strange, but when i put a lip stick/gloss on i like to rub my lips together to make sure its applied properly and i like the feel, but with this the formula is so dry you cant do that.

*16 HOURS? 16 HOURS? Id like to hear from this person who wore this for 16 Hours! This didnt even last a couple of hours for me, and i wouldnt even like to enterain the thought of eating as this would come straight off. Id have to give this a thumbs down for endurance.

*Having said that, when i took my makeup off, my lips were slightly stained from this, which is what the product is right? Not a good look when the stain is mostly left around the outside of my lips, making it look like ive applied dark lip liner. Id recommend exfoliating lips with a toothbrush to get this off completely.

*It doesnt last very long. Being a felt tip, i could already feel this drying out after only a few applications, so if youre looking for something a bit more economical, id go for a lipstick.

Overall, although im glad i tried this product, and i will still wear it occasionally, i wont be purchasing any other colours, as it just has much more cons than pros for me. What i will say however, is that this may work better in a more subtle nude colour, as the fading and staining may be much more subtle.

Thanks for reading!


Tuesday, 25 February 2014

My Youtube Channel

Hi everyone! 
After lots of deliberating i finally took the plunge and created myself a wee little youtube channel where I can discuss all things beauty (and anything else you want me to talk about?!) 
Ive been making videos for approximately two weeks and i absolutely love it, theres just something about switching on the camera and talking about what I'm interested in!
I have a whole host of videos lined up (and lots in the bank scheduled to go up), but what videos would you like to see from me?

OH, and my channel is…..

justmejust sam

lots of love!