Thursday, 27 February 2014

NOTD - Barry M Magnetic Purple

Magnetic nails were one of my favourite discoveries of 2012. They're so easy and so cheap, but they really don't look like that. Two years later, whenever i wear these, i still get compliments and its always a topic of conversation.
Since then, BarryM have brought out a whole host of colours, all winter shades i must admit but i still love them nonetheless! 
My only gripe is that for some reason the magnetic polishes have less staying power than the regular BarryM colours, but i truly feel its worth it just to have this look for a couple of days

Technique wise, these couldn't be easier to use and I've even been known to do these in the car on my way to a party before - they're THAT easy!

If you've followed my blog for some time you'll know that BarryM was one of the first even brands i got into, and i would regularly use my weekly pocket money to buy the brightest shade of polish i could find - 8 years later and not much has changed, I just now have a collection with enough nail polish to paint a country.

You can buy this for £4.99 here 


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