Wednesday, 26 February 2014

NYC 16H Lip Stain Forever Freesia Review

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My excitment to try this product was ridiculous. I literally ripped it out the packaging as soon as i handed over my Superdrug beauty card. I must say i think its more of a winter shade as its a slight dark pink, but seen as there are no rules with makeup theres no reason why this wouldnt look lovely in summer.

Good Points

* You can get clean line around your lips because of the felt tip style applicator, which means its near enough impossible to smudge this.

*The price - at £3.99 you can afford to get a number of shades, and compared to other high end brands who do lip stains this is a steal

*The colour - the colour is a lovely colour, and you can layer it up so you can have it a lot more subtle (i.e during the day) or apply more product to give a really bright lip (i.e night time)

Not So Good Points

*Its drying - by the end of the night i find i have to apply vaseline over the top to stop my lips from actually flaking. This does however make the colour look quite nice!

*It feels like youre putting felt tip on your lips. The texture, the smell, the taste. Everything. Its a little weird.

*You cant rub your lips together - this might sound strange, but when i put a lip stick/gloss on i like to rub my lips together to make sure its applied properly and i like the feel, but with this the formula is so dry you cant do that.

*16 HOURS? 16 HOURS? Id like to hear from this person who wore this for 16 Hours! This didnt even last a couple of hours for me, and i wouldnt even like to enterain the thought of eating as this would come straight off. Id have to give this a thumbs down for endurance.

*Having said that, when i took my makeup off, my lips were slightly stained from this, which is what the product is right? Not a good look when the stain is mostly left around the outside of my lips, making it look like ive applied dark lip liner. Id recommend exfoliating lips with a toothbrush to get this off completely.

*It doesnt last very long. Being a felt tip, i could already feel this drying out after only a few applications, so if youre looking for something a bit more economical, id go for a lipstick.

Overall, although im glad i tried this product, and i will still wear it occasionally, i wont be purchasing any other colours, as it just has much more cons than pros for me. What i will say however, is that this may work better in a more subtle nude colour, as the fading and staining may be much more subtle.

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