Thursday, 10 May 2012

Collective Haul

This haul is wayyyyyy overdue, but I've basically had some important deadlines for university, had to quit my job, and try and get everything organised, so its been a bit hectic the past few weeks!

These are my new love. They are £4.99 each, and they are the best thing ever! Ive already done a post using Magnetic Blue, but there will be many more to come !

These are stunning, the silvery lilac reminds me of a mermaid, its got so many colours in it, and although i wouldn't say its a typical spring colour, i can't wait to wear this and differ from the usual pastels you see at this time of year.
Denim has so much glitter in it, i can't wait to see if it appears the same on my nails!

Im currently trying to find an eye primer that compares to Lemonaid by Benefit, so when i saw this for £1.49 i couldn't resist! This was from Boyes.

I initially went into Boots to purchase the Maybeline Colour Tattoos every man and his dog are raving about, but that didn't quite go to plan! The 17 stand was right next to Maybeline, and seeing the 17 Wild Metallics Eyes in a realllyyyy similar colour (and a cheaper price) i opted for this. And seen as 17 were on 3 for 2, i couldn't resist picking up 3 things! 

These little nail art stickers were around £1, for 10 of these little sheets, each with different stickers! I got these off Ebay, and I've already tried some, so expect a post very soon! 

Ive been watching numerous videos and posts about Ciate nails and their new collection, but i just cannot afford £18 for some little beads. There are so many tutorials on YouTube, and one i came across said she bought the tiny beads off Ebay for £1.99 a packet, so i followed suit! The bags are really quite big, and have so much more in them than the Ciate nail polish bottle. I can't wait to give these a go!

These were around 99p from Ebay also, and they are nail transfers - I've never tried these before, and think they'd look really good over red or yellow polish. Stay tuned to find out!!

And finally...
My easter present.....

This perfume smells GORGEOUS. Im not actually a fan of Justin Bieber, but this was a gift, and the perfume is so sweet and fresh, i cannot stop wearing it!

For all you Biebster fans... 

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

NOTD - Barry M Mint Green

I understand you're probably not interested in this in the slightest, because lets face it - every man and his dog is wearing this nail polish at the minute. But i didn't want to be left out did i? 
This is actually my second bottle of this, and holds very dear memories for me as i bought it a few of years ago in the summer before i started college, where everything was exciting and my life was changing.
This is the perfect colour for spring, and yet again my all time favourite nail brand Barry M have not disappointed (well they never would, would they).
The only thing about this polish is i always find i need to plan what I'm going to wear, as its not the sort of colour that goes with everything.
Needless to say this will always be one of my favourites, and i will continue to use this until i need another bottle!