Friday, 20 April 2012

NOTD: Barry M Magnetic Blue

For anyone that doesn't know, my beloved Barry M very recently released a range of 4 magnetic nail paints (black, red, blue and purple) and they couldn't be simpler! Basically you paint one coat, wait for that to dry (obviously) then as soon as you paint the next one, you hold the magnet over your nail for a few seconds, and voila! 
(the thicker you do the coats, the more defined the effect)

Todays post is courtesy of my eagle eyed boyfriend, who spotted these (despite the fact he moans about my beauty buying addiction)! I wasn't even aware these were going to be released, but how cool are they! 

These aren't typical spring colours, but they look so professional I'm willing to sacrifice my pastels and pinks for now! This picture was taken of my mums nails 2 days after i did them, and although the pattern had dulled slightly, theres no denying how good it still looks.

Please note this magnet was actually the magnet from the black nail polish from the range, which is one of the cool things about these that you can chop and change to create different looks.

I am in LOVE with these, and i really hope they do more colours, as the effect is amazing- everyone has been commenting on them! I can't recommend these enough, and i can totally understand the hype around them!

These are currently £4.99 from Superdrug, however there is currently an offer on which means if you buy 2 nail paints, you get a £1 off, what are you waiting for?!


Monday, 16 April 2012

A haul from the bingo

A couple of weekends ago my family and i went to bingo, just in the little village haul where i live (sounds lame, but it was all for charity). Im a sucker for bingo, and i actually really enjoy it, despite the fact i am 19 years old, not 90. 
Anyway, Lewis and i won, whoop whoop! 
And this is what we got (Lewis also won a big tub of thorntons chocolates, but they weren't there long enough to photograph!)

 It was far more nicely packaged than this, but as a result of being in my bag, this happened.

 Orange and Ginger Diffuser from Wilkinsons (not too sure about the smell of this, someone may receive it as a gift.. joking)

I am a yankee GEEK, and these smell of nothing. I took a picture of the description purely because "they smell just like the real thing" amused me. How is that even possible?!

 Co-op chocolates, I'm guessing left over from christmas. Needless to say these didn't last long either, and they were actually quite nice.

After the little old bingo man shouted 'line correct' and i was brought my prize, the lady told me this bag contained some really expensive hand creams. I nearly fell off my chair at this as i love all things beauty (obviously).

These aint the best pictures, but I'm going to do a completely separate post on these anyway. These are £8 each and can be bought here. I am yet to try them, but i am so excited its ridiculous. 

Overall twas a good night at the old bingo, and me and Lewis made our money back and much more, so who can complain! 


Tuesday, 10 April 2012

NOTD - OPI Mod About You (my all time fave)

This is my all time favourite nail polish. It was (nearly) my first OPI and i bought it because i had seen it in MissBudgetBeauty 's video, and despite her warning about the quality, i couldnt resist. I did however spend months looking for a cheaper dupe, and i bought far too many pink polishes, to no avail. So i finally caved in and bought this.

It has ABSOLUTELY NO STAYING POWER, it chips after a day, not even that long sometimes.  Ive tried all sorts of top coats on this but nothing works, i simply have to carry it around in my handbag, covering up the chips as i go.

Having said that, its totally worth it, because the colour is like nothing else out there (that i could find). Its basically disney princess pink - if you put this alongside disney princess pink its an exact match i promise. (And i love disney princesses)

This is perfect for spring, but to be honest i love it so much ive worn it nearly every month since i got it no matter what time of the year. I really cant recommend this enough, if youre a girly girl or want to embrace the pastel season that is upon us, you cant afford not to buy this!

By the way if anyone can help me increase the staying power of this id really appreciate it, as ive heard other OPI's last forever!


Monday, 9 April 2012

Fcuk pure bodylotion - Review

I recieved this a couple of years ago in some form of gift set, but i didnt really use it til a couple of months ago. I cant believe i havent used this before, its really lovely.

The scent is 'natural oils of jojoba and coconut and vitamin e' but i really wouldnt describe this as smelling of cocunut. The scent is incredibly fresh, and really reminds me of spring. I can definitely smell jojoba, and its a tiny bit citrus -y too. 

Its of a thin consistency, and a little goes a long way, so it last really well considering its only 75ml . I personally wouldnt use this in the winter, as i just dont think itd moisturise my skin enough because my skin is slightly dry, but its perfect for spring and summer. It soaks in virtually straight away, and isnt sticky in the slightest (i hate that!)

Overall, i definitely recommend this, and ill repurchase it again, but id be more inclined to purchase this in a set (with a shower gel for example). If you want something light and fresh to get you in the mood for spring/summer, this is your ticket!

 You can purchase the Fcuk pure range from Boots and the products are around £5.  

Have you tried this product, or anything else from the Fcuk range?


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

NOTD - Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream

The first sign of some sun and i jumped at the chance of painting my nails to match. Barry M is my favourite brand of nail polish easily, you cant beat their prices, colours, and quality. This lasted 4 days without and chipping, and is a real girly pastel spring/summer pink. In some lighting its quite subtle, but this changes depending on lighting. This will be a staple for me in the coming months, and ive found this goes with nearly everything ive worn too!

This can be purchased from boots or superdrug for £2.99, or online here    

March Favourites

 Unlike my previous monthly favourites, there is no real order to these, ive kind of just grabbed what i loved and thrown it all together - enjoy!
 This has very nearly ran out, and i actually received this quite some time ago in some sort of Fcuk set. You can purchase Fcuk products from Boots, and i can find the bodywash version of this here, but sadly not this actual product. I will admit i only used this this month because it was only half full and i wanted to use it (im on a mission to use up things at the minute) however, i realised that the gorgeous flowery smell, combined with the lightness and speedy soak in time makes this a brilliant body lotion.

 This is perfect for spring. Its quite subtle, yet you can build it up, and in certain lighting it looks brighter. Im a great lover of Barry M Nail Paint, and will continue to purchase their polishes, as theyre a winner everytime! 
You can purchase this from Superdrug for £2.99 or here

 I no longer need to use my Nivea cream, my skin has finally allowed me to switch to something lighter, hooray! This is exactly the sort of smell you want to smell in the morning, its a fresh citrusy smell, and the tiny shimmer particles leave me looking fresh (ive actually been wearing this alone and going out makeup free on many days)
You can purchase this here from Boots for £3.99

 I cant believe this hasnt made a favourites post so far, because ive been using it everyday since last summer. It's by Sally Hansen, and although i think its intended to be worn as a gloss, i really dont think it looks right (its almost white when applied). I apply this everyday before i start my makeup routine, and by the time i am done its all soaked in and ready for lipstick/lipbalm/lipgloss.
I purchased this from Discount UK for around £1.99, and unfortunately i cant find this in any drugstores

 Unless i robbed a bank i doubt ill be buying this anytime soon, but i absolutely love this free sample. It makes lashes so long and full, i dont know what ill do when this runs out. Im actually considering saving up for this when i have used up all my other mascaras. This really is top quality, and i do think its worth the price, its just unfortunate im on a budget!
You can purchase this here for £22.50 from House of Fraiser

I received this free as a result of another purchase, and i must be the only beauty blogger who hasnt tried Benefit Highbeam (the writing has rubbed off) and i couldnt wait to try this sample sized product. Despite the fact i had no idea what i was doing, i LOVE this product, and i am deifnitely considering purchasing this when it runs out. I have used this everyday this month, and will continue to do so til the day it dies.
You can purchase this here for £18.50 from Boots

An every month favourite is my Miss Sporty Liquid Concealer. Unlucky for me i had a breakout this month, and i practically drenched my face in this (okay a bit of an exaggeration, but you girls understand!) Its perfect for my skin type, and really does cover up those bloody blemishes!
You can purchase this from Superdrug (i think it was £1.99)

This is probably in my favourites every month, ive just repurchased this and i will continue to do so for quite some time. It covers my dark circles so well, and even if i leave the house with no makeup, ill still apply a small amount of this, just because it does its job so well.
You can purchase this here from Boots for £4.99

Filling in my eyebrows is part of my daily routine, and i love this tedbaker brow brush (recieved as part of a Ted Baker eye set), the bristles are really thick, and so set my brows really well. To apply my brows, i use the Vital Radiance brow brush (this was from an ebay shop) which is so precise and despite the fact ive used this near enough everyday since October, no bristles have fallen out (that i can tell anyway)

The lighting really doesnt pick up the lovely colour this is. Ive used this MUA blusher Shade 1 almost everyday this month, purely because it goes on really well, lasts all day, and brightens up my face just the right amount. This can be purchased from Superdrug for £1.

 Weve had some lovely warm days in March, and on the first warm day i wore this for the first time, and discovered how much i loved it. Its a really flattering coral colour, although i had to dress down the rest of my makeup in order to compliment this. This is Shade 7, and can be purchased from Superdrug for £1.

 I am in LOVE with these, but this has got to be my favourite colour. It almost looks just like my natural lip colour, but more enhanced. It reminds me of what Marilyn Monroe would wear on a day to day basis for a natural look. 
This can be purchased here at Boots for £2.99 

This is my favourite purchase this month, all thanks to Laura-Jayn and her nude lipstick post. This is the most flattering lip colour i have ever used, and it is most deifnitely my all time favourite lipstick. If you want a natural, yet visible lipstick, this is definitely the one to get. I like the staying power, creamyness, packaging and price of this lipstick, making it an all time favourite. Im actually considering purchasing it again just so i have a backup.
This can be purchased here for £4.59 from Boots

So they were my favourites this month, i know theres been quite a lot, and theyre all a bit jumbled, but this month has seen quite a change in the products ive used due to the change in weather, and the fact that spring has sprung!