Monday, 9 April 2012

Fcuk pure bodylotion - Review

I recieved this a couple of years ago in some form of gift set, but i didnt really use it til a couple of months ago. I cant believe i havent used this before, its really lovely.

The scent is 'natural oils of jojoba and coconut and vitamin e' but i really wouldnt describe this as smelling of cocunut. The scent is incredibly fresh, and really reminds me of spring. I can definitely smell jojoba, and its a tiny bit citrus -y too. 

Its of a thin consistency, and a little goes a long way, so it last really well considering its only 75ml . I personally wouldnt use this in the winter, as i just dont think itd moisturise my skin enough because my skin is slightly dry, but its perfect for spring and summer. It soaks in virtually straight away, and isnt sticky in the slightest (i hate that!)

Overall, i definitely recommend this, and ill repurchase it again, but id be more inclined to purchase this in a set (with a shower gel for example). If you want something light and fresh to get you in the mood for spring/summer, this is your ticket!

 You can purchase the Fcuk pure range from Boots and the products are around £5.  

Have you tried this product, or anything else from the Fcuk range?



  1. i LOVE coconut scents so this sounds right up my street!!! i never hear much about the FCUK range so it was so nice to read this :)

    1. its lovely, theres a body butter i ABSOLUTELY love that I'm going to review, i never think to repurchase from this brand though i don't know why !