Tuesday, 4 September 2012

NYX Nude On Nude Palette

I  couldn't contain my excitement when i found this in TK Maxx for £12.99. I love me a neutral palette, and the fact this came with lip colours was simple a bonus. I find some of the colours to be similar to the Urban Decay Naked Palette, and the MUA Undressed Palette, so i knew i had to get it!  

As you can see some of the colours I've already used ( i couldn't wait to try it before i photographed it for you!

I personally have rarely used lip colours in a palette, because i can't use that same colour to touch up during the day, but i think i may give this a go - i don't like waste!
My first impressions of this palette is that the pigmentation is very good, and although I've only used a couple of colours i am seriously impressed. I can see this becoming a staple product !
You can find this palette here



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    1. the pictures aren't the best, but i can't recommend this enough I'm in love :)