Monday, 5 November 2012

MUA Love Hearts Sugar Lips Review

Good Points

*This is a good quality lip balm - it really did moisturise my lips which is definitely what i wanted in this weather!

*The colour - it is a tinted lip balm with a subtle shine, and the colour is a really natural and flattering pink. Ive been going for a much more natural makeup look recently, and this is the perfect lip colour for just that

*The price - lets face it, you can't get much for £2 these days, so this is a steal! Its worth much more than that in my eyes

*The packaging - its very much like the Sleek lip balms. The screw lid works really well, and this is really sturdy

*The design - i love the fact they have the Love Hearts design on them, they've really brightened up my handbag!

*It lasts well - i only have to apply this every couple of hours, which for a £2 lip balm i was very impressed with! Even as this wears off its not obvious, so even if you didn't want to reapply you won't be left with any dodgy lines or smudges

*I would definitely repurchase this product, and have actually already done so!

*The smell - this has a subtle sweet sugary smell, however once applied to the lips you can't really smell it, which i like because i sometimes find that annoying!

Not So Good Points

*Im not one for dipping my finger in a product, especially if I'm out and about

That was literally the only downside to this product i could think of, and i still love it!

I recommend this product if you like subtle, moisturising, purse friendly lip balms. Ive been using this all month, so much so it even made it into my september favourites 

I'd love to read your comments :)



  1. Such a cute review!This sounds much better than the sleek ones and cheaper - result! ;)


    1. Yeah, I've only tried 2 of the sleek ones but so far they seem like a good alternative ! :)
      thank you for the link