Thursday, 8 December 2011

Superdrug haul and review

If i had to sum up last week in one word - BARGAIN
At Superdrug, Bourjois are holding a 3 for 2 offer on all products, and if you get 3 products, you receive a free party essentials makeup bag full of products!
If you spend £6 on Barry M products, you also receive a free limited edition nail polish, so as you can imagine i was very excited ! 
After purchasing a number of perfumes, I gained £15 worth of points on my super drug beauty card, and in total i ended up saving £25.99 - can you believe it !!!!
So heres what i got (ill show you the contents of the bourgois bag further down) ......
This is an overview, now for some swatches and reviews....
MUA shade 11 and 24 (L-R) - these are AMAZING, i've had comments every time I've worn these, they're the perfect winter natural colours, yet hold a hint of shimmer, making them wearable for both day and night. These 2 colours go together perfectly, and have been a staple in my everyday makeup bag since i bought them a few weeks ago!

Bourjois eyeshadow extrait 03 - when i saw this i knew immediately i was buying it! its so sheer yet sooooooo sparkly, its the perfect product to glide over night eyeshadow to glam it up - perfect for the festive season! i would also say this could be used as a highlighter, as it would really brighten up your face. Of all the things in this haul, this might just be my favourite!

Barry M pillarbox red lipstick, no 121. I'll do a Barry M lipstick review at some point, and you'll soon find out how much i love their lipsticks! (i'm growing quite a collection!) They never make my lips dry, and the fact that their lipsticks are so creamy, i don't feel the need to apply gloss over the top (although my friend does and it looks brilliant!) I'm also going to do a post about beauty essentials, which will include this, every girl needs at least one red lipstick right??

Bourjois bronzer no 51 & Bourjois blusher no 33 lilas d'or - why haven't i purchased these before?? the bronzer smells AMAZING, i'd say chocolate mixed with a light perfume smell (doesn't sound that great but it really is) and i think id repurchase this for the smell alone ! it looks quite dark but when applied its actually quite sheer, allowing you to build the colour up gradually - something i appreciate whilst getting ready on these dark mornings when the light isn't at its best!
I absolutely love this blusher, and almost don't want to use it because i want to keep it forever! When i first saw the gold running through the pinky colour i was unsure as to whether this would work for my face (i prefer pink blushers), however i was very pleasantly surprised! Due to the shimmer in this product i'd definitely recommend it for night time (again perfect for the party season), however it still looks lovely during the day if the rest of your makeup is simple.

Onto the most exciting part - my free party essentials bag!
What i loved most about this bag (apart from the fact it contained a full mascara which is £9.49 to buy) was the fact that the products are perfect to keep in my handbag while I'm out and about!
The mascara isn't the worst mascara I've ever used but its not the best. I don't think id pay the full amount for this, but having said that, it separated my lashes well, and gave me a real natural look (perfect for day). The only downside was that it didn't make them longer, which i don't think they claimed to anyway. Overall i do recommend this mascara if you're looking for something understated and natural, and want good lash separation.
The eyeliner pencil (no 46) is a really gorgeous colour, not too purple, more like black with a hint of purple. I'll definitely be wearing this over christmas as its the perfect party colour, without being too much (so i can wear it with sparkly dresses)
The lip gloss is a lovely colour for all year round, although i wasn't so keen on the brush (it's a bit like a nail varnish brush) as its kind of stuck together with the formula of the gloss. The colour is fairly opaque and is already in my handbag as a handy touch up throughout the day!

It was difficult to get pictures that do these justice, but the eyeshadow (which doesn't have a shade on it) is something id wear over the top of eyeshadow for night time glam, rather than a base its so sheer, and the glitter in it is slightly 'bitty'. I love neutral colours, especially this time of the year, so was really happy with what i got in this free gift!
The cream blush (no 06) is very much similar to the boujois blusher i bought, just a cream version, with the gold running through the pink. This is quite pigmented so I'm a little apprehensive of applying it incase it all goes wrong! The colour hasn't been picked up on in the picture, sorry girls ! 

A general finding about bourgois was the brilliant staying power of all these products, and as a dancer I've really put them to the test! Boujois are a little more expensive than other superdrug brands but now I've got the Boujois bug ill definitely be going back for more - after all id rather pay extra to have great quality products! Also these photos really don't do the colours justice, I'm working on my photography skills i promise!

Has anyone else been lucky enough to catch this offer, and if you did did you receive the same products as i did? Let me know what you think, i'd love to read some comments :)



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  2. it really is beautiful , like i said before that picture really doesn't do it justice, as it moves in the light it really glistens, I'm definitely going to get some more of these !
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