Thursday, 29 December 2011

NOUVEAU LASHES mascara review

I recently recieved this product in my December Glossybox, and couldnt wait to try it as i yearn for long beautiful lashes. The first thing i noticed with this product was the weight of it! The tube itself is considerably heavier than my other mascaras, and i dont know why but it made me think the mascara must be of good quality, especially considering the retail price (around £14.99). The brush is quite thin, which means lashes become seperated, which is something on my check list when looking for a mascara. I also found it lengthened them, without looking too spidery. This mascara is versatile in the sense that it is perfect for day when one coat is applied, but when a second coat is applied lashes appear thicker and even longer, perfect for night time ! Overall i think this is a top quality product - i probably wont repurchase due to the price and the fact i like to try out different products, but its definitely nice to have something in my makeup bag that would usually be out of my price range!


  1. i got this mascara too and i absolutely love it!!!

    i also love the shower smoothie from your other post but i didnt wanna go comment mad lol

    nice to read stuff from someone with simialar taste :)

  2. hey,
    its really good isn't it, i didn't know what to expect as I've never heard of that brand before, so i was pleasantly surprised!
    glad you like my posts, there will be many more to come !