Friday, 23 December 2011

I've finally been Soap and Gloried !

Well... I've been reading about Soap and Glory for what seems like foreverrrrrr, and seen as I had £15 worth of points on my boots card i knew immediately what i wanted to treat myself on ! Soap and Glory are currently 3 for 2 in boots, so i thought it would be rude not to pick 3 products! After half a hour and lots of testing, i finally picked these products..... (btw when i got to the counter i was unable to use my products as my points had to be equal to or more than the cost of the products, which did kind of defeat the object, but none the less im happy!)
(L-R Hocus Pocus - instant visual flaw-softening lotion, No Clogs Allowed Super Self Heating Deep Pore Detox Mask (this also came with a free sponge!), Glow Job - daily radiance moisture lotion)
I know these products havent been newly released, but they are new to me, and i cannot tell you how excited i am to try these, so expect lots of posts and reviews very soon! Also, my boyfriend has just purchased the Soap and Glory Big Splendour - how lucky am i ?!?! Expect hauls and swatches galore when it gets here !!!

Merry Christmas everyone ! 


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