Friday, 13 January 2012

my 2012 wishlist

I didn't have a christmas wish list, as i love surprises, but this year there are a few products/brands I've got my beady eye on,  and by the end of this year i hope to have purchased them all!

*Garnier bb cream  - I've ready so many brilliant reviews on this product it would seem rude not to invest, and combined with the fact I've just been paid and its on offer, this purchase may just be around the corner.

*The Naked Palette - okay i confess, the only reason i want this product is because everyone else has it and i want to see what all the fuss is about. I have the Heaven and Earth palette by MUA (which i absolutely love) which is pretty similar, but id like to indulge in something a little more urban!

* Miners - after seeing numerous videos and posts about this brand, i recently looked at the website - i did not realise just how cheap these products are, and I'm all for a bit of shopping in my dressing gown, so an online spend is definitely in order.

*Elf - again after reading numerous reviews, and purchasing an eyebrow kit from a blog sale, i am curious about this cheap and cheerful brand, and i hear their brushes are something to be tried!

* MAC - i know its not all about expensive products, but i really want to expand my tiny mac collection this year, however this will be a difficult one as their isn't a mac counter to be seen anywhere near where i live!

* to expand my collection in general - yes i think of my beauty products as a collection, and to see how it expands over the year will make me a very happy girl :)

what are you wishes for 2012?


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