Thursday, 26 January 2012

my first ever e.l.f. haul!

Ive been hearing about this brand for quite some time now, and i recently bought a eyebrow kit from a blog sale which i love. The first thing that shocked me about this brand was how cheap it is, yet its not really recognised outside the beauty blogger world (i.e none of my friends have heard of it) I initially had so many products in my 'basket' would have been ridiculous to 'go to the checkout'. And since i haven't really tried anything from this brand, and I've heard mixed reviews, i thought id try just a couple of things.
I was so excited about these !! Ive never really bought a proper brush set, I've collected random odds and sods over the years, and I've been on the hunt for an affordable yet good quality set for a while. This cost £12 for 10 brushes, which isn't expensive at all, and i can't wait to try them out !

The second thing i got was this e.l.f. elements palette. You buy the empty palette (£1) then you buy the little pans - i chose to get face products. The top left pan is Glow, the top right pan is Bronzed, the bottom left is Shy, and the bottom right is Flushed. I don't really know how i feel about these products, as the reason i bought them was so i could put them in my handbag for an on the go beauty touch up. The only thing is, i don't think they'd last. They arrived already crumbling and you can kind of see in the pictures they are a little jagged around the edge. I think ill try these in my handbag for a day, as I'm really worried they'll just crumble and ruin the whole thing. Expect a review soon!

Have you tried any of these products?
Please let me know what you think!


  1. I've never tries either of these but ive tried quite a lot of their other products

    Recently tried out one of their nail varnishes for the first time and i was really impressed :)

    1. They seem to be really pigmented, but I've yet to try them out properly! I've heard elf can be hit and miss with products is that right ? I may just have to get some of the nail varnishes!


    2. yea some stuffs great and hen other stuff isnt so great

      the HD powder is relly good and so it the eyebrow kit. oh and i use the elf powder brish to put my foundation on and i prefer it to one of the MAC foudnation brushes i bought

      but im not a big fan of some of their liglosses and some of their lipsticks

      was very impressed with their nail polishes though :)

    3. aw brilliant, thanks for the advice, id really like some more e.l.f. things, now I've been pointed in the right direction :)
      thank you


  2. Great haul. I brushes look great.
    I just followed your blog.

    1. i am really liking the brushes so far, but watch out for a big review on them soon!
      thank you for following, i followed you too :)