Wednesday, 1 February 2012


This is my first ever favourites of the month post, and I've been so excited to do this! I'm going to do this every month, and i actually found it really useful to see what I've been using the most this month. So here goes...

Soap and Glory OFF YOUR FACE cleansing cloths
You've seen these before as i received them in my Hey Big Splendour gift set at christmas. I started suing them straight away, and they get my make up off so well. Normally when i take my makeup off using wipes, a bit of makeup is still visible when i use a cotton pad to cleanse afterwards. With these, there is nothing, and the little exfoliant 'bits' make it feel like its really getting into your skin and removing the days muck! The smell is quite unusual, but what more would i expect from Soap and Glory??

Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash, Cleanser and Toner, and Moisturiser
Well, i only discovered these products a week ago, but they are AMAZING, and the best thing I've used this month. I purchased these because my current skincare routine just wasn't working for me, and so i took action. The next day (can you believe it) my blemishes were pretty much gone. I cannot recommend these products enough, i think these will be my go to skincare brand now, and i will definitely repurchase. The smell is gorgeous, and the moisturiser is really good for my dry skin, and you only need one pump. I can't say enough good things about these products!

Soap and Glory Hand Food, Garnier Intensive 7 Days, Soap and Glory Heel Genius
Ive been using all 3 of these products everyday for the past month, and i absolutely love them. 
My hands can become particularly dry throughout the harsh winter months, however Hand Food has made such a difference, and i love the smell. It seems to last forever - ill put it on before i go to bed, and ill wake up still with soft hands, and ill still be able to smell it.
I purchased the Garnier 7 Days because MissBudgetBeauty raves about it, and i was not disappointed! You only need the tiniest amount, as if you use too much it'll make your skin sticky, but it means the product lasts forever. Ive used this over christmas and the whole of January, and there's hardly anything gone from it. Ive already purchased others from the range, but at the great price (currently £2.99 on offer at Superdrug and Sainsburies) i intend to get them all! The shea butter smells so nice, and i can still smell this on my skin the next day.
Heel Genius has been my saviour this month. I was constantly having to use my foot file due to the skin on my feet (I'm a dancer so they get a pretty hard time!) however since i used Heel Genius i have not used my file ONCE. I would even go as far to say the skin on my feet is actually nice now! If i don't find a cheaper foot cream, i will definitely repurchase this, and thats why its been a fave this month.

Vaseline (aloe vera) and ARBONNE Ultra-Hydrating Hand Creme
Everyone owns a vaseline right? I couldn't live without it, the things you can do with this are endless! It has been constantly on my lips this month. Enough said, you all know how good vaseline is !
I received this hand creme in my GlossyBox (december i think) and its been in my handbag since. I'd say I'm about 3/4 of the way through, and i know I've already favourites (is that a word?!?!) a hand cream this month, my hands were in need of a big bit of TLC! I love love love the smell of this, and the quality is brilliant. If i remember rightly though its quite expensive, and i probably won't purchase the full sized version, but its been really lovely to have something in my handbag as a little luxury!


17 Hide & Chic (light rose), Garnier BB Cream (light) and Miss Sporty Liquid Concealer (light)
I actually purchased the under eye concealer in december, and I'm pretty sure ill be re-purcashing this ( it was £4.99 but i had a half price voucher). It works really well at covering my circles, and doesn't crease into my skin which a lot of them do. I use this everyday and its still going strong, so it lasts a fair while!
The Garnier BB cream took me a while to purchase because i thought it was a lot of money to spend on something i might not like, but all the positive reviews i read urged me on, and the fact it was on offer in Superdrug! I love the coverage it gives me, yet its really light. Somesaid said it was like 'their skin but better' and i couldn't agree more. And that pretty much sums it up really!
I only recently purchased this concealer, however it is amazing! It covers my blemishes so well, you can't even see them, and i love how its a little smaller than the other concealers i have, so it could be used for travel or in my handbag. The fact i got it free with another Miss Sporty purchase was an added bonus!

This is currently my favourite mascara. I do have fairly long lashes anyway, and when i wear this it looks like I'm wearing false ones. Its supposed to make my bright blue eyes look even brighter, and I'm not sure if it does (I'm going to do a test at some point) but none the less its amazing. It's around £11 - a little more than id usually want to spend on a mascara, but i got this as part of an offer so it worked out quite well. The blue tint reflects differently as the light catches it, which is different to any mascara I've ever had. Ive used this near enough the entire month, and i will continue to do so!

Miss Sporty Lipstick in Malaga, and Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss in Candy Gloss
I recently purchased this lipstick, as it is my all time favourite. It stays on the entire night, whether I'm going for a meal, to a club, or taking part in a 3 hour dance show. It is AMAZING, and such a classic and classy colour. Every girl needs this in their life! This month ive been feeling a bit old school, and so retro curls, flicky liquid eyeliner and long lashes have been a staple look for me (yes i am obsessed with the 40s and 50s, and of course Marilyn Monroe)
I received this lip gloss in my Hey Big Splendour gift set, and at first i was horrified at the very strong tingly sensation i wasn't expecting, as this is my first Soap and Glory lip gloss. The lasting power of this gloss is brilliant, and I'm now used to the tingle, which feels quite nice on my lips when the weather is freezing (is that weird?!) The colour is very 'wintery' id say, and I'm loving the taste.

So theres my first favourites of the month, what ya think?? Ive probably listed a few too many products, but as the weather is so cold and harsh to my skin i find myself using more products (especially skincare) which is reflected on the number of favourites i have! I hope you liked it, and if you would like to know any prices i haven't mentioned, please leave a comment and ill try find them for you :) 



  1. That lipstick colour looks amazing!!!


    1. it really is amazing, i will get round to swatching it at 1 point, its a real classic pillar box red!


  2. Hahahaha I love the 40's and 50's too!!! And Marilyn Monroe is like my idol!!! I love the lipstick by the way, and I agree Garnier's BB Cream is AMAZING!! XXXXXXXXXX

  3. she's beautiful isn't she ! i wish we could back to the class of the 40s and 40s, very classy ladies! Im loving the BB cream at the minute, so glad i took the plunge!!