Tuesday, 7 February 2012

my all time beauty tips

I've been working on these for a long time now, and every time i think of one i have been scribbling away in my little book! So here's ones I've collected over the past few months, please feel free to add your own in the comments :)

Always have your essential products or products you really want to try close at hand, because you're much more likely to stick to using them, than if they're stored away somewhere.

Regularly go through/tidy/alternate beauty storage - you'll find things you forgot about, and are much less likely to waste products.

After a rubbish day, a coat of bright nail polish will make you feel better, and give yourself a mini pamper in the process.

Keep your daily skincare routine in a box (or some sort of storage) in a place easy to reach (mine is under my bed) as it will be so much easier to carry out, and you'll almost definitely stick to it.

Pack yourself a little handbag kit containing things you'll need on the go. Mine includes hand gel, blusher, lip balm, a couple of lip glosses, a lipstick, bobble, grips, hand cream, you get the idea don't you!

Paws off! Try to avoid touching your face at all times, especially if you're blemish prone. There are more bacteria on your hands than on a toilet seat (how yukky is that?!?!) Make yourself realise how much you actually touch your face, and kick the habit!

Keep small products stored away together, then when it comes to going on holiday, or selecting things to put in your handbag you'll have a whole bunch of things. (please note this is quite tricky if you're like me and have to try EVERYTHING, particularly things i receive in my GlossyBox) 

So there are some of my favourite all time tips! I'd love to hear your tips, after all we girls should be sticking together right? :)