Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Lent - the post i thought id never write.

i don't usually give things up for lent, but this year i have decided to. This is painful to say, but i hope that by writing it in a post  won't be able to go back on my word. 

For lent i am giving up buying beauty products.

I have decided to do this because i already have so many products, i won't be short of anything to blog about, and i also like the idea of saving myself some money, which i could possible put toward a holiday this year. 

Is it weird that I'm actually excited writing this? I've never put myself on a ban from anything before, but 40 days of not buying beauty products is not something ill take lightly! Obviously beauty essentials (makeup wipes,cotton pads,deodorant bla bla bla) doesn't count, but everything else does. Ill keep you posted on my process, and in 40 days, ill probably end up on a shopping spree!

Happy wednesday (only 2 sleeps til the weekend!)


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