Saturday, 21 January 2012

In the name of all things fashion

Heres the deal - i study dance at university, which means i wear trackies, leggings, leotards, vests and sports bras on a daily basis. Attractive eh? Seeing a lot of fashion posts such as OOTD's and such like really makes me jealous as i just can't do these, because trust me you will have no interest i seeing what i wear. However, as i work in a pub (which requires me to dress decent-ish) and i have weekends, i have decided to make the most of this time and start blogging about style. Ill admit i used to be quite trendy, and rather interested in having the latest trends on my back but as of recent (ill blame it on the dancing) i have become less stylish. Im hoping that if i know i am going to blog about what I'm wearing then ill make more of an effort, and wear things i haven't worn in a while, rather than sticking to the same staple items in my wardrobe. Ill probably keep it on the same blog while i see how i get on with it.

I even want to take on this challenge, where you have to post a picture each day for 30 days of :

1.     Your closet.
2.     Your favourite shirt.
3.     A piece of clothing or jewellery that was a gift
4.     A shirt that you haven’t worn yet.
5.     Your favourite pair of jeans.
6.     A pair of pants that aren’t jeans.
7.     A cute outfit of yours.
8.     Your most expensive article of clothing.
9.     A cute dress/ skirt.
10. An outfit you wore on a special day.
11. A piece of jewellery that a Grandparent gave you.
12. A piece of jewellery that everyone complements you on.
13. An outfit you wish you had.
14. Cute socks.
15. Your newest purchase.
16. You and someone wearing matching clothes.
17. An article of clothing that you made or altered.
18. A piece of jewellery that you made.
19. All your earrings, rings, necklaces and/or bracelets. 
20. Your jewellery box.
21. Something that you only wear around the house.
22. Something you only wear in the summer.
24. Your favourite pair of shoes.
25. Shoes you love but hardly wear.
26. A mismatched outfit that you’d never wear (go wild: earrings, belts, crazy skirts etc.).
27. A hat.
28. An outfit you are ashamed to say you wore.
29. Something that is your favourite brand.
30. Something from your favourite store

Who's with me ?!


  1. Omg I'm going to do this!!! It's such a good idea!!!!! Xxxx


  2. really good isn't it, hope i can stick to it !