Thursday, 26 January 2012

i do NOTD

I was consuming my weekly dose of Don't Tell The Bride (if you haven't seen this programme you HAVE to watch it) and i suddenly decided i wanted rid of my bright nails and wanted to don something a little more sheer and pearly. And this is what happened, here are my Don't Tell The Bride inspired nails...
I used Rubie and Millie polish, which is a first for me. I am unsure of the shade as it doesn't say, but for some reason I've wrote Neutral on the bottom - I'm not sure whether this is just what I've name it? If anyone can help me please feel free to leave a comment!
The polish has lasted well for 3 days now, with no chips or smudges, which i am very pleased about ! The colour itself looks more gold in the bottle, but applied its quite sheer, and more of a pearly colour - perfect for a natural understated day look!


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