Thursday, 26 January 2012

BIG haul - superdrug/boots

Yesterday i caved. It wasn't a good day for me, as as a treat to myself i splurged, however i am in love with everything I've bought so far, so here it all is. Please note everything i bought was either on offer or part of an offer - i have a good eye for a bargain ;)

(L-R) 17 Blemish Balm in light (£6.99) - i recently purchased the Garnier BB cream, and as this is quite a bit cheaper, i figured i had little to lose and have purchased this, prepare for a comparison review !
17 Peep Show mascara in brown black (£6.29)- i didn't realise it was this shade, as i would've chosen black, but then again i only have 2 brown mascaras, and i usually prefer this shade for the day anyway. As you can kind of see in the photo its quite messy already, and i haven't even used it yet, but I've heard good things about this, and combined with the pretty packaging i couldn't resist.
17 Instant Glow Bronzing Powder (£5.49) - first of all i couldn't believe how big this was for the price! The brilliant leopard print pattern also drew me in, and i loved the idea of the gold infused into the colour. I totally smudged the pattern when i tried to swatch it as you can see in the photo, but i think you get the idea of how it is supposed to look?

These items were in a 3 for 2 offer, so i ended up getting all this £13.28, which isn't the cheapest shop ever, but its nowhere near the most expensive.

These items were 2 for £4.99, so again i couldn't resist!
Collection 2000 Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream - this reminds me of the matt glosses from miners, so i was instantly drawn in. However, there seems to be very little product inside, and it could possibly appear the product has dried up, not sure yet!
Collection 2000 Lock N Hold Lipgloss in Twisted Disco 6 - I have 2 others in this range and love love love them - they don't last anywhere near 6 hours, but the smell and moisturising factor makes these glosses a must have!

There is currently an offer in Superdrug in which you get the Miss Sporty concealer free if you buy another product (i think it was just skin products)
Miss Sporty Liquid Concealer in shade 001 Light - I've recently become a fan of liquid concealers, and this was worth £2.99, so to get it free was a bonus!
Miss Sporty LightEnergy Radiant Look in shade 01 Light (£3.49) - I thought this looked and sounded similar to the BB creams I've been recently purchasing, and i am looking for light layers rather than heavy foundations at the minute, and this looked great for that.

My go to brand MUA! I love love love their lipsticks, and for only a pound my aim to buy the whole collection!
MUA  Lipstick in shade 3 - this is a really hot pink, which doesn't show up on this photo, but i will probably wear this at the weekend so ill do some swatches
MUA pro 3 in 1 extreme Contour Liner - This was free with any MUA product can you believe it?? So i got both these for £1! I think the excitement took over me, as i didn't realise there were different shades of this liner, and i happened to pick up shade 5 Auburn, which i suppose worked out well as i have tons of black liners. Considering this is so cheap to buy anyway, the packaging is really sleek and sturdy - you would think its much more expensive than it is. What makes this liner different is the angle, and on the back of the box are different ways of using this to get different effects - i can't wait to try it !

I've had my eye on this for a while - GOSH foundation primer CLASSIC. I don't have that many primers, and i read someone's blog saying this was their all time favourite. Ive only ever used cream primers before, and when i tested this it left the back of my hand feeling so velvety i was sold straight away. Oh and of course it was in the sale at £10.99

This caught my eye on my way out the shop, and as I've only just looked at the receipt now i did NOT realise it was £7.99, as it was marked on the shelf as considerably cheaper, which is what brought me to it in the first place! Well anyway, i am just a normal girl with body parts id like to improve, and I'm going to rub this on the tops of my legs everyday til it runs out, then do a big review for you all, and if it works i might just have to repurchase it !

I've recently had a breakout, so I'm on a mission to better my skin for good. Ive used to cleanser since i can remember, its my go to skincare product, however i thought if I'm going to do this properly i need to go the whole hog.
(L-R) Deep Action cream wash (£1.99) - i felt this would be better for my dry skin than a gel wash, and the product is a really good size for the price
Deep Cleansing lotion (£1.89) - I know i love this product, and i know it works for me, so i have repurchased, and ill probably repurchase a 100 times
Dual Action Moisturiser (2.39) - MissBudgetBeauty raves about this, and she seems to have similar skin to me, so i figured it could also become one of my favourite products

All these products were reduced in price, which is one of the reasons why i chose them, aside from the fact they're one of my favourite skincare brands

I didn't purchase the moisturiser today, so ignore that!
These are the other skin products i purchased in the hope for clear skin.
Foaming Face Wash and Cleanser and Toner - All these products smell amazing, and I've heard they are very good for spot prone skin, and i have currently started using these, so watch out for a big review soon!

THATS EVERYTHING! this has taken me so long to do, i didn't think it would be this long, and i have another haul to do before the day is out!
I hope you enjoyed my bargain haul ( I ended up saving £11.54 in super drug - WOW!) and if you have tried any of these products please let me know what you think.
Also, you all deserve a medal for getting to the end of this haul!



  1. wow that is a haul! I get so carried away in boots/superdrug that when it's time to pay i have to empty half of my basket haha :)

  2. tea tree is awesome for the skin. i love the smell too!

    My Blog: Boho Vanity

  3. i know i haven't been on a spend in a long time though, and thats me done for a while now! haha i was shocked at how much it came to, i always think I've been overcharged, but I've just overfilled my basket! haha

    Ive been using the tea tree for 2 days now, and I can already see a difference in my skin i am ecstatic!


  4. Oooh would love to know if the 17 mascara and the GOSH primer are any good :)

    now ive read this i want to go have a look round superdrug!!


    1. i am addicted to super drug its sooo bad! i rack up beauty points on my car so easily because I'm always there! I used the 17 mascara today and it was good, it made my lashes look longer, but really separated, really natural