Monday, 2 January 2012

The 10 pan project - i'm in!

Just before christmas i heard about the 10 pan project, and wanted to make the ultimate list, but never actually got round to doing it, so what better time than January for me to save some pennies?? For those of you who are confused, the 10 pan project is basically where you make a list of 10 products you have wayyyy to much of, and are prone to purchase more of despite the fact you dont really need to. Making this list has made me realise i tend to buy a lot of the sameish things, and hopefully with the extra cash i save i can treat myself to things i have little or none of, sounds too good to be true right?? Here goes.......

1. Mascara
2. Lip balm
3. Lip gloss
4. Hair masques/treatments/conditioner type things
5. Hand cream
6. Nail varnish of a similar colour
7. Face wash
8. Face masks
9. Body lotion
10. Face cream

Some of these i dont have looooaaddss of, but i have more than enough, and id rather use what i have before i buy others - e.g face wash, how do i know if a face wash is effective if im chopping and changing which one i use too often?
Im going to try my best to stick to these 10 things, im very determined i tell you!
Id love to hear about your 10 items, please link your blog below and ill definitely check it out!

Thanks girlies!

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