Monday, 9 January 2012

All hail a cocktail !

These are one of the best things i received for christmas this year. They smell and TASTE so much like the actual cocktails they are supposed to be i just cannot stop smelling them! They are so moisturising to my dry lips, and i can't wait to wear these all summer ! Roll on spring i say! The only downside to these is that it can be quite difficult to get your finger in the product as they're quite small but i can honestly say i don't care, they're amazing and i love them !!
What were your favourite christmas gifts?
Whats making you look forward to summer?



  1. Oh My God ive just done a post on these!!!i dont know many people who have them!!!

    Loving the cocktails and loving your blog :)

  2. They smell unreal don't they, they will definitely be a staple in my handbag come summer, or even now if i feel light brightening up a wintery day!
    Thank you very much :D