Sunday, 24 June 2012

Tea Tree Skincare Review

Now that I've used up all these products i feel in a fair place to review them.

These are very fairly priced (£2.99 each from Superdrug) - very purse friendly indeed!

Before i start ill just say i have normal/dry skin, and although tea tree isn't always recommended for this skin type, i was having a little problem with blemishes, and this is renowned for its spot tackling qualities!
The smell of all 3 products is AMAZING, i could easily sit and smell it all day. This was definitely one of my favourite things about this range - plus we all know tea tree is good for your skin!

Foaming Face Wash
As far as packaging goes, this is the coolest of the 3! In the bottle it appears as a liquid, but you press the top and it dispenses as a foam. I like this idea because you know you're using the right amount of product, and it also makes it last FORVER (i think a little bit of liquid must make a lotta foam!)
It says to use 1 or 2 pumps, but i found 2 dried my skin out slightly. This face wash made my face squeaky clean, and you know when you can really feel something working?
I don't think any other product has made my face feel so clean!

Cleanser and Toner
A cleanser and toner in one = less faff on = right up my street!
If you're a little crappy at sticking to an elaborate skin routine, then something like this would be perfect for you, as it cuts down the number of steps.
I would always apply this with a cotton pad, and its glides onto the skin smoothly, and as with the foam wash you can feel it getting into your skin.
If you're having a particularly dry skin day, or are in a rush, you could actually skip this step, because the face wash does such a good job, that your face is already squeaky clean and refreshed.

Of all 3 products, this was the least pleasing. Yes it did the job - it left my face feeling moisturised, soft, and smelling of tea tree, but i think you could easily use another moisturiser, and still reap all the benefits of the other products. So if you're on a budget, you could get away with just buying the foam wash and 2 in 1 cleanser and toner. (in my opinion of course)
The formula is quite thin, so if you've got dry skin this just might not cut it.
I was disappointed at the fact that because of the design of the packaging (its like a pump bottle) once you're 3/4 of the way down, its impossible to retrieve anymore product, therefore a lot gets wasted - NOT my style! 

This is a skincare routine i found extremely easy to stick to, and as far as price goes, this is definitely the best value for money skincare range I've ever tried.
If you've got dry skin however, i wouldn't recommend this as it can be quite drying, and tea tree is usually recommended for people with oily skin anyway.
I used all 3 products until they ran out, however, the moisturiser didn't really last too long, and next to run out was the cleanser. The foam wash was still going strong months down the line!
Id say for every one bottle of foam wash, you'd need 2 cleanser and toners, and 3 moisturisers, which is pretty silly on the manufactures part. If you made the moisturiser bigger for example, it'd last as long as the other products.

I probably will repurchase these, and they are definitely on my list of favourite products - next time ill just have to buy a few more of everything!



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