Friday, 15 June 2012

Invigorate Lotion - Glossybox Review

 Invigorate Lotion
£20 for 300ml
Can be purchased here

Many of you may have received this in your Glossybox a few months ago, and having nearly used this up i feel I'm in a good place to review it!

I must admit my heart sank a little when eyes fell on the packaging, purely because once you get near the bottom of these style bottles, its really hard to get anything out, and so you end up wasting a few applications worth of product.

The next most noticeable thing for me was the SMELL - it smells so strongly of lavender (and not of the other ingredients), i wouldn't recommend applying this then immediately going out for the day, because people will wonder where that lavender smell is coming from. Because it smells so strongly, i recommend either applying very little product, or only applying it to certain areas of your body (i wouldn't cover myself in this). You can probably assume at this point that if you don't like lavender, this definitely ISNT for you!
However.. i found this particularly nice to apply just before i go to bed, and this would be perfect if you have trouble sleeping, as everyone knows lavender helps you sleep. 

As a moisturiser, i didn't feel this moisturised me very well at all, and about a hour after i applied this, it was like id never moisturised, the only giveaway was the smell, which didn't actually last much longer.

Overall, i recommend this moisturiser if you like to smell something soothing before you go to bed, or if you want to feel relaxed. However, if you're on a budget like me and have medium to dry skin, you won't be left feeling silky soft, and isn't very kind to your bank balance.

Have you tried this product?
Would you repurchase?


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