Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Shopping spree - my first MAC haul !!

You know sometimes its necessary for a shopping spree?
I have this feeling around once every couple of months, regardless of whether i have the money or not.
So here is a what i got when my boyfriend and i 'spreed' a couple of months ago..

(please note I've found the links to what i can, but some things have been discontinued)

Ok so i know this is silly, but i am obsessed with disney princesses (i often refer to myself as one), so when i saw this for £1.99 i just had to. 

I am also obsessed with this lady, and many other classic actresses, and this book is basically all about that (ill probably review it at some point!)

The Mac Stuff

This is a gorgeous pink Lipcreme in Dress It Up - its a real girly pink and perfect for summer!
You can buy this for £16.50 here

I LOVE this colour - its not exactly summery but ill somehow work it in as i love the sparkle of the blue!

This is an eyeshadow (the picture is a little too far away, but I'm going to review and swatch it in a separate post - as with the eyeshadow below). Its a lovely pink colour, but not too pink (I'm not really a pink eyeshadow person) and would look great with other neutral colours.
You can buy this for £16.50 from here

I LOVE this colour! The colour you get when you swirl the eyeshadow is stunning, and its one of those colours that goes with everything, so ill definitely be using this a lot.

I loved the packaging of this, so I couldn't resist a photo!

This is a medium sized makeup back, which included a brush set and makeup kit

With a nifty little pocket at the front..

Which is useful to store brushes in!

I am so impressed by this - its like a snow globe on the top of the packaging

These are eyeshadows (again i will follow up with swatches)
Here are the links:
Phloof: here
Brun: here
Quarry: here
Dance In The Dark: I can't find this one anywhere :( 

And a blusher, which is really decently sized!
You can buy this for £17.50 here


Lipglass in Emancipation

Creme Sheen in Hot Gossip

This whole set (the bag and its contents) cost around £20, when it should have been considerably more - this was probably my biggest bargain of the day!)

You can buy this for £13.50 here

You can buy this for £9 here

You can buy this for £9 here

These are my first Mac nail polishes (along with the snazzy blue one further up) and i CANNOT wait to try them - I've heard both good and bad!
They also came in a little snow globe-y thing, which is not empty and i have no idea what to store in it?!

Aswell as losing my Mac virginity, i also lost my Levi's too - these are now probably my most favourite jeans - i totally understand the hype!

So that was my shopping spree, and let me tell you i was totally shopped out after all that! 


If you want to see the boy part of this post, or would like ideas for a gift for a male, read on...

An overview of the whole set (every full sized product comes with a mini travel version - perfect for summer holidays!

Clinique Cream Shave

Clinique Face Scrub

Clinique Post-Shave Healer

Once my boyfriend has used these products i will possibly do a review of them, depending upon whether people are interested!

If you have any requests of posts or if you would like any of these products reviewing please let me know (i will of course review them anyway, but if people request things ill put that as priority)

Thanks for getting to the end of that - you deserve a cup of tea!



  1. So damn jealous of this haul!!! you got some amazing things :)

    That lipstick and the palette are absolutely gorgeous :) LOVE IT!!!

    literally cant say enough at how glad i am that your back xxxx

    1. hehe i love it all ! the lipstick is reallllllyyyy creamy, I've never tried a mac lipstick before!

      yeyy im so glad too, its people like you who made me come back !


  2. You got so many things! Everything is so gorgeous I don't know where to start, but I love the look of those nail polishes! Reviews please! :) xxx

    1. haha I'm very lucky ! I've been testing a few of the polishes out and they seem really nice, ill review them for you very soon :D


  3. That blue polish is phenomenal!