Monday, 11 June 2012

A Hair Transformation...

During the winter, i dyed my hair a dark brown a couple of times (not as much as i should have done if i was doing root upkeep) as everyone said i suited my hair much more when it was darker (and there just so happened to be a brown hair dye on offer)

I then decided i wanted to be more my natural colour (which is dark ash blonde), so i basically didn't dye my hair for ages, leaving it to fade. I then found out about John Frieda Go Blonde thanks to MissBudgetBeauty , and it sounded perfect for me. I didn't want to full on dye my hair, just naturally lighten it (you know like when people come back from holiday?)
I started off by applying the shampoo, leaving that on while i exfoliated and washed etc, then leaving the conditioner on for a hour in a shower cap, which worked really well. I then just used it as a normal shampoo and conditioner, leaving the conditioner in only while i washed. After a few days i could see a noticeable difference.

It then just so happened my best friend's friend is training to be a hairdresser, and wanted people to train on, which resulted in me getting some highlights (not a full head, just some subtle ones under my parting). After using the John Frieda Go Blonde for 2 weeks, and then getting a few highlights, this is what my hair now looks like...

(I'm on the left)

I have continued to use the John Frieda, which along with the little bit of sun we've had has made my highlights even lighter, and although I've found this product to be everything and more than i hoped, i won't be repurchasing purely for the fact i like what its done so far, and i don't want to go too light.

So there we are, my hair is now a miss mash of lighter colours, much closer to my natural colour, and hopefully my roots won't be too bad!

Let me know what you think !



  1. YAY FOR SAM BEING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Look gorgeous on you sweetie :)


    1. woo hoo !!!!!! im so excited! thank you for the lovely comment :D


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    have a nice day!