Thursday, 7 June 2012

May Favourites

I only have a select number of favourites this month - slightly different from my usual mass of things! 
So without further ado...

Soap & Glory Face Soap

This has been my all time favourite this month. I previously tried this a couple times over the winter, but it dried my skin out so much i just couldn't continue. Seen as the summer solves this problem for me and i couldnt see this product go to waste, i decided to use it once again.
I LOVE this product! The smell is amazing, and it no longer dries my skin out, so i may just have to repurchase this for over summer.

Clean & Clear Deep Cleansing Lotion

This is my holy grail of skincare - i LOVE it and decided to go back to this after my tea tree cleanser ran out. It doesn't dry out my skin, it attacks blemishes, and leaves my feeling really refreshed - i love using this in the morning!

Garnier BB Cream - Shade Light

The warmer weather means i want a base for my face which gives light coverage, and a colour which isn't too obvious when my face tans - this product is just PERFECT for that

MUA Clear Mascara - Shade 1

I can't believe i actually took a picture of this as its pretty rank (it used to be clear!)
I use this to set my eyebrows, however seen as my hair is now lighter (blogpost to follow) i haven't been filling them in. Instead i just set them with this clear mascara, which works brilliantly as a brow gel.

Wet n Wild Beauty Benefits Blusher

I have loved this product for AGES, but it somehow got lost in the bottom of my drawer! Since switching up my makeup storage, i have rediscovered this product this month, and realised why i loved it.

17 Mirror Shine Lipstick - Shade Belle

I recently discovered these amazing little lipsticks (Thanks to Laura-Jayn) and i now have a few of them. This colour goes on really quite sheer (nowhere near as dark as the photo) and its perfect for a subtle makeup look on a day when its sunny and warm and you just can't be bothered!

So they were my favourites this month - there wasn't many, but i didn't want to rave about the same products i always do! Now I'm back into the swing of blogging, expect much more posts from me - i have lots of things lined up!



  1. The 17 lipsticks are gorgeous, I love them :)
    Great favourites :) xx

    1. they're lovely aren't they, they're like a lip balm, gloss and lipstick all in one!

      thank you for the comment :)


  2. That blush looks so nice!!! such a gorgeous pink colour :)


    1. glad you like it cos its in your little summer beauty box! hehe


    2. obviously a new one by the way, not that actual one in the photo haha xxxx