Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My body butter collection

I was inspired to do this post simply because of the weather we've been having. I don't know about you, but in this weather i need that extra bit of moisture, which body butters give because they are thicker. After rearranging my bedroom this weekend (thats another post) i now have a wobbly tower of body butters looking at me, so i thought id show you what i have...

This was part of last years christmas range, and although it does smell christmassy, its the sort of smell that can be used in the months before and after christmas (i personally wouldn't use it for summer, its just not that sort of smell for me!)

This is christmas in a tub. This is a body butter which can only be used over christmas as its so strongly smelling, hence why i haven't really used much.

This has such a strong scent - perfect for summer! I must admit i kind of force myself to use these during the summer because they're so thick, and i prefer lighter coverage.

Again this smells gorgeous, a little subtler than the passion fruit one, but still brilliant none the less. I have a kind of love/hate relationship with Body Shop body butters because although i love the packaging and actual product, they're a little out of my budget at £12 a pop. None of these body butters were purchased full price, i waited til there was a sale of some sort, which has worked out much better for my purse!

This was 99p from my local Home Bargains store - I'm not sure if this a UK thing, or just local area thing. Anyhow, i fully recommend these, they're a fraction of the price from Body Shop, and they're not much different. Infact, there is an extra 20ml in these DermaV body butters - winner!

Soap and Glory are a real luxury for me. Theres nothing better than exfoliating with Pulp Fiction, washing with Clean on Me, then lathering myself in Righteous Butter, and finally a spritz of Mist You Madly. I try to use this on special occasions only, so it doesn't run out, as its not the cheapest thing in the world! 

This smells like what you would want your bed sheets to smell like, you know that fresh cotton smell? Well this is it. I will say though, it borders on a granny smell, but its so subtle it kind of avoids that (just).

So thats my collection of body butters. If you know anything about my blog you'll know i always want to expand my collection (although maybe i should actually use a few of these first) so if you have any recommendations, or have tried any of these, please comment!


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  1. i LOVE body butters from the body shop... i usually wait until there on special as i use them so quickly that it ends up getting expensive lol