Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Soap And Glory - Thick & Fast Mascara Review

Like many others, i received this mascara free with last months copy of Elle (i must say i was disappointed with the magazine, it was just full of adverts).
This is the first cosmetic product I've tried from Soap and Glory, and given the fact i LOVE their skincare products, i was excited to try this.

Firstly, i don't know why my eye balls are all over the place, I'm going to blame the bright sun that was shining in at the time!
This mascara definitely gets better each time i use it - as most do !
I wouldn't pay £10 for this, purely because i don't usually pay that much for mascaras.
I really do love this mascara, as it lengthens them really well, although it can tend the clump a little, and as you can see in the photo, there is quite a bit of product build up around the top of the tube. 
This mascara would be perfect for a night out, as it makes lashes look very full, although I'm not sure whether another coat would make this more clumpy, as one coat slightly does.

Overall I'm very pleased with this mascara, so much so I'm only going to use it occasionally because i don't want it to run out! If you're looking for a night time mascara, or love full looking lashes for daytime, this is the one!


  1. Replies
    1. it really is, if i was better at applying it it would look even better too!


  2. Nice review. Looks like a great mascara.