Wednesday, 28 March 2012

I am the luckiest blogger ever! Brilliant Haul

I started my blog because i wanted to write about beauty products, as i figured i was trying and testing so many out, and believe me i had a lot of opinions! Seeing a new follower makes my day, thats like a gift in itself, so imagine my excitement when i actually received my very own personalised beauty box from the beautiful Laura-Jayn . (If anything is to come out of this post, let it be the fact you check out her blog, its brilliant, and very down to east, just like herself.)

So anyway, i thought id share with you exactly what i got, and I'm already in the process of reviewing these products, which be in later posts!

 I have a yankee petal burner (ill probably do a seperate post on this - its amazing) and basically you light the tee light, and put these tarts in the petal and they melt and give off the most amazing scents ever! The vanilla lime smells just like a Shamrock Shake (from McDonalds) i had in New York - hopefully someone will know what I'm talking about! Basically these smell good enough to eat, its probably only a matter of time knowing what I'm like!

 Ive never even heard of these, i had no idea OPI did hand creams, where have i been? My middle name is Jasmine, so I love anything with this on, it smells so summery, yet really light at the same time. The crisp apple I'm going to start using now because it smells just like spring!

 I have a confession about this one. This has been on my want list for quite some time after purchasing the mascara version, but i just couldn't justify spending around £18 (i think) on this one product, when i didn't really know what it was like. Imagine my delight when i opened this! I CANNOT wait to try this, i haven't even put it in my drawers yet, its got pride of place on my dresser :)

 Im unsure of what make these are, but if you ask Laura-Jayn i guarantee she will get back to you! When it comes to lipgloss, I'm all about the pink, so these colours are perfect, and they smell sooooo nice - they've got a real girly flowery scent to them. (I know that makes no sense, but feel free to use your imagination!)

 I actually picked up one of these in a set at Boots in the January sales, as i had points to spend, but i actually ended up getting a Strictly Come Dancing palette instead (random yes) so I'm really pleased about receiving this! Also, my aunty uses this brand, and she only uses really good things, so i have complete confidence in this! ;)

 What i love about Dead Sea Spa is the purity of the products. There's very little scent, but quality is really up there. I think people might have received these in their GlossyBox's maybe? Im sure I've seen some reviews of this in GlossyBox posts! I love exfoliating because i dance everyday, so it really helps me keep fresh! 

She knows me too well! I have so much nail polish, however Laura-Jayn managed to send me shades i haven't got, I'm still in shock!
(L-R) London, Jemima, and Sadie
Again, as these were gifts i don't know where they are from, I've not seen them in my local area at all, but I'm sure Laura-Jayn will comment and tell you!

(L-R) Glistening Purple, and Jewel Tone  - I've already had a play with these, and they are the best glitters I've ever used. Enough said (well I'm going to do a post, but ya know!)

 Im a firm believer of mixing it up when it comes to nail polish. So i tend to wear a really bright polish, then a more subtle one, same with lights and darks etc. These colours look perfect for a natural subtle look.
(L-R) French Nail-Pink, Breathless Blue

(L-R) Paradise Pink, Dark Denim, Rasberry
As with lip glosses, i LOVE pink nails, and i think the purple glitter will go really well over Rasberry, i just can't wait to try them all!

Last but not least, a Models Own in Magenta Pearl - i tried to capture the colours running through this, but it was so difficult as there are so many, and as you move the polish bottle, the colours change - magical!

So there we go, how lucky am i? I just want to say thank you so much Laura-Jayn, this was such a lovely surprise, me and my sister were opening everything screaming with excitement! I cannot wait to try all these things, every single product was thoughtful, and i can't say how grateful i am. 
Ive started collecting things for you in return, so you'll have a little spring themed makeup kit in your hands in the near future!

"Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life."


  1. So glad you liked everything love :)

    The liglosses are by Ruby and Millie and the nail varnishes are from debenhams if that helps :)

    Now i wanna try that milkshake coz i bloody love that vanilla lime smell!!!


    1. thank you so much! ohhh, I've actually got some rube and millie lip glosses, i should have figured that out myself haha :p
      Ill definitely get some more if i like them, the colours are gorgeous!
      that milkshake was the nicest thing ever, it was from china town in new york at mcdonalds, it was a st patricks day thing, i might try find out how to make it! it was worth every one of those 1000 calories :)