Tuesday, 11 March 2014

NOTD - Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure

This is a tribute to the (hopefully) warmer weather we will be experiencing soon. Im sure like me many of you have begun to swap the darker winter colours for lighter shades in the hope to hurry up spring!
I got this as a set of four from TK Maxx (you can see my Youtube haul here) and couldn't wait to try this out as it reminded me of a mermaids scales, its got that iridescent sheen to it.

This lasted 4 days before it chipped - however the chippage was small and because this is a really sheer colour you couldn't actually tell - perfect for someone who doesn't have time to be constantly touching up their nails!

My only gripe with this is sometimes these pearly iridescent shades can look a bit 'grannyish' however i think thats completely down to personal preference - i mean Barry M have just launched an entire range of this type of finish (the silk range) so maybe this is a trend to come?


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