Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Maybeline Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara Review

Erm.. I have a confession - This post has been sitting in my drafts for just over 18months… Oops indeedy!
 I initially reviewed this when it was all over blogs and youtube, so I'm sure this would have gone down much better then BUT there's got to be some of you lovely lot who haven't yet tried this? 

On the plus side of this being super late, you get to see how dodgy my eyebrows were when i used to fill them in with eyeshadow - enjoy :)

* Good Points *

The packaging - I'm a sucker for anything leopard print and lets face it this is enough to jazz up any makeup bag, especially since spring is here and summer isn't (hopefully) too far off. Another bonus is the design doesn't rub off which tends to happen when theres a snazzy design on something! Its also really sturdy and i travelled with this numerous times, safely knowing it would arrive in the same condition it left :)

The Price - £7.99 for a mascara which will give you around 6 months (if not more) use works out very cheap when you think cost per use. I also prefer this to other mascaras which were much more costly, i.e. Loreal, Benefit, PLUS theres always some sort of 3 for 2/ buy one get one half price etc offer on so its very rare you'd actually end up paying this price

Quality of the product - although this didn't make my eyelashes look super thick (which it does claim to do), it did lengthen and it did give me the cat eye flick on the outer edges. The shape of the brush also meant there was no need to curl my lashes, as this did the job just fine!

* Not so good points *

Excess product - as you can see on the photos, there was excess mascara, around my lid in particular, which meant I had to wait for the mascara to dry, then use a wipe to clean it - this is a problem A) if you're in a rush B) if you forget and enter the outside world looking as if you've been crying/were half asleep when you did your makeup.

Overall I definitely recommend this product, and once I've used up my current stash of mascaras this will be one of few I will actually repurchase. I also recommended this to my friend who has beautiful asian eyes and her eyelashes are very long and thick, but point down - if that makes sense? They made them even longer and did slightly curl them up despite the weight of her lashes working fiercely against this!

Have you tried this mascara? Is it a current favourite or am I talking about a product everyone forgot about? haha

You can buy this here for £7.99



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