Monday, 3 March 2014

Barry M Blusher Brush Review

Brushes are the hardest thing for me to review - they're like perfumes, hard to describe and unless one really stands out to me I forget to talk about it. Having had this for around two years i now feel in a position to be able to give you a bit more than 'its nice'…

Good points

*The price - these days you don't get a lot for £5 in the way of makeup brushes, but this really is a steal when you consider the quality

*Quality - the bristles are very soft and intact not at all 'bristly', and in the years I've been using it i can't remember one falling out, unlike many of my most expensive brushes!

*Appearance - I'm a sucker for anything pretty, and this does look lovely in my brush pot, although they've since changed the design which i must admit is even more cute

*Application - theres something about this brush that means I only have to use such a small amount of product (no matter what blush I'm using) meaning my blushes last a tremendous amount of time

*Even finish - even for the most unskilled hands your blush would still look flattering, this doesn't streak across your face, and is very good for blending, so theres no looking like a russian doll with this one

Not so good points

*The first time i washed this, understandably a little water got into the metal bit (such technical terms) and the head promptly fell off the handle, which was nothing a bit of eyelash glue didn't sort out but still its not ideal

Overall i do recommend this brush, particularly for beginners and those who like a bit of colour in their brush pot, you can buy this here for £4.99


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