Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Makeup Counter Encounter - Benefit Haul

There wasn't even supposed to be a haul. There wasn't even supposed to be any thoughts of shopping. But then i had my FIRST ever makeup counter encounter. And everything changed.
Basically my local Debenhams went all fancy and got a Benefit Brow Bar put into it, and one day as i was walking through i got collared by a sales assistant. Before i knew it i had an appointment the following saturday to have my brows waxed and tinted, the 'Benefit' way.
I think this was a clever trick by the company, but basically as i was waiting to have my brows done, the sales assistant said i could have my makeup done as apparently this was part of the deal. 
Ive never had my makeup done before, and i guess i got all caught up in the exciting experience. To cut a long story short, the sales assistant put a truck load of makeup on my face, and when i saw myself in the mirror, i couldn't believe how amazing my skin looked. It was literally flawless.
Then came the whole 'are there any products you would like to buy today?' and before i could say anything i was at the til entering my pin for the products below. I then went on to get my brows done, and left feeling very pampered. Once in the car, i looked in the mirror (in normal day lighting) and was quite horrified at the amount of makeup on my face, and how it has clumped in dry patches all over my skin. I now realise the lighting at the makeup counter is very clever!

Overall, i have very mixed feelings about my first counter encounter. While i LOVE benefit and think the quality of their products is second to none, i feel i bought products i would have never even considered had it been fully my choice. And i know it was ME who bought the products, and ME who put in my pin, but there was just so much pressure at the time, which makes me unsure if i would go back. If you're on a budget or don't want to spend to much, id avoid these counters all together, as i ended up spending £60 on 2 products and an eyebrow wax, which isn't a cheap day!

Here's what i bought..

Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow - Believe in me Ivory £24.50 (here)

Hello Flawless Cover Up SPF20 - Me Vain Champagne £24.50 (here)

I also purchased this (from the comfort of my own home this time)

Lemon Aid Eyelid Primer £16.50 - here

This is actually a repurchase as i love this product so much, and its very rare i use anything else to prime my eyes.

Continuing with the Benefit theme of this post, heres what was free in this months Glamour magazine..

The POREfessional Primer £19.58 - here

I look forward to hearing about everyone else's makeup counter encounters, please comment below!


  1. This is exactly why I avoid counters, I feel too pressurized too easily! I'd spend a fortune!
    I hope you grow to like your products more though :) xx

    1. yeah, i don't know if its because I'm still young or i was by myself, maybe ill become more confident! hehe I've been using the products myself for a while now, and i think because i use like half the amount of foundation than the sales woman i feel much more comfortable, and i actually think the foundation is amazing !