Saturday, 21 July 2012

A Big Haircut

A number of weeks ago, i did a post about a change of colour regarding my hair, which you can see here . Although the John Frieda go blonder didn't particularly damage my hair as such, i noticed it just wasn't in the same condition as it used to be (the ends in particular were quite dry) and so i decided i wanted a good haircut. This time last year i had a bob, but my hair grows fairly quickly (lucky me!)
I wanted a fresh look for summer, so heres what happened...

These are the before shots..

Dum dum dummmmm........

Heres my hair now! Its kind of a long bob, although i got this done a  couple of weeks ago and my hair has grown already so its slightly longer. Im not sure if i prefer longer or shorter hair, but i was glad to get rid of all those dry ends, and its always fun to find new ways to style your hair!

What do you think?