Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer Review

Usually when i splash out on a high end product, its something I've lustered after for a long time and saved up for. 
This wasn't quite that - infact i can't really remember why i bought it, its not like I'm ever low on concealers!
This is one of those products where theres a million and one reviews out there already, but as usual ill stick my two penneth in ;)
enjoy x

Good Points

*The formula - I love a good creamy concealer, and this is just that. You have to swirl your finger/brush round to 'soften' up the product (depending on how warm the room is) but once you've done that you've got a lovely texture to work with - particularly good for anyone with dry skin

*It's brightening - i often use this under my eyes because i feel it illuminates the skin but not too much

*It does conceal - after all its a concealer?! but i didn't want to leave that point out!

Not So Good Points

*The Price - £17.50 for a concealer is not something id ever pay (mine was in the sale thank goodness - perhaps thats why i bought it?) and when you consider all the brilliant drug store ones you can get for that, not forgetting the notorious Collection 2000 one that every man and his dog LOVES (apart from me i don't have it... yet)

*The packaging quality - The design rubbed off near enough straight away which i always hate, and it particularly annoyed me with this because of the price it was!

*Industrial strength? - It just wasn't on me, maybe I've got super mega beast spots that are impossible to conceal? I think not, but i did have big big expectations for this 

Overall, this is a good concealer, particularly for under the eyes and i would recommend it if you have the cash to splash,
however i won't be repurchasing purely because of the cost - i just keep thinking of all the other things from a drug store i could have got for that amount of money!

You can buy this here

Have you tried this? What did you think?



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