Thursday, 19 June 2014

MUA Primer Review

I've had this for what seems like forever, as id just use it now and then. However, before christmas I decided I had far too much makeup and needed to downsize - well this was put in my 'things to use up' make up bag.
Seen as I've nearly used it up - I thought id review it for ya'll,
enjoy! x

Good Points

*Price - at £4 this is one of the cheapest (if not the cheapest) primers I own. Its a decent size so you're not getting seen off either

*It's good for dry skin - theres something about the formula of this thats moisturising, which means I can use it during the winter when my skin is slightly dry. If you're in a rush and don't have time to moisturise (naughty naughty) you're better off reaching for this as it is a bit of a double duty product

*Travel friendly - like i mentioned earlier, its a decent size however its not huge, so when i went away last year this was my primer of choice as it just fits nicely in my travel makeup bag

*Its refreshing - it feels quite cool on my face, perfect for these spring mornings where i want to feel refreshed and awake (or the dark winter mornings when i just want to look alive)

Not So Good Points

The formula - as you can see in the picture above the formula is a little uneven, almost to the point where I'm debating whether this has gone off..

*Cheap packaging - yes its a cheap product but i have many a bargain with packaging thats lasted me years - however the nozzle bit that controls the amount of product which comes out broke (such a technical explanation)

*You could spend a little bit more for a much better primer. For example - i love the Rimmel Fix & Perfect Pro primer which is around £6.99 but has a lot more positive qualities than this one. ALSO the silicon based primer by MUA is a mere £1 more and so so much better (review to come)

*Is it more of a moisturiser? - my makeup ALWAYS lasts longer whenever i wear a moisturiser (which I of course do daily), so I'm unsure whether its the moisturising aspect of this product thats making my makeup last, or whether it is just an ok primer?

*Its just OK - it does make my makeup stay on longer depending what makeup i wear - funny how it only works with certain things but because of this i don't get the use out of it i should do

*It claims to 'flawlessly even out complexion' - I HATE it when a product claims something so exaggerated and doesn't even come close. Just incase you were wondering, it didn't make me 'flawless'

Overall, this is a decent budget primer, particularly if you have dry skin (i can't vouch for you oily skinned ladies out there sorry) - however i won't be repurchasing this purely because there are others i like more

You can buy this here

Have you tried this primer? What do you think?


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